Astral travel audio

I have a few questions regarding the astral projection fields. 1. Does it matter what time you listen to it? As in do you have to be asleep or in another brainwave state to be able get the benefits? 2. Do you have to listen for the full 2 hours, I don’t think this is very feasible in my schedule and I want to listen for 15-30 minutes, will this still give the same effect and results? It would be great to get a response, also tell me how the field worked for you guys.


I haven’t tried it yet because my night list is full enough. But I guess you use it to fall asleep and then maybe you are lucky and have an astral projection. Or you can try it for an afternoon nap if your daily schedule allows it. But I think that you have to try it several times until it works for the first time.
Maybe there is someone else who can say more about it or who has already had success with it. I wish you good luck with it. :+1:


Use it before sleep, but without to fall in sleep. :slight_smile:
First times will be hard.

Clear your diet as much as you can and drink plenty of water daily.


I see, does the field itself help detach from the physical body or induce hypnagogic imagery/theta brainwave state? Does it do both? Bcz in-order to astral project you have to be in that state.

How does astral projection feel like. Can you shre your experience maktreya🙂?