Where is this kind of knowledge learnt?

When I encounter people like Maitreiya and the rest of you I wonder, where was all of this learnt? How did they run into their teachers and guides, and are there some kinds of organisations that teach these things?

Different books, teachers, teachings, meditations, and other techniques can provide guidance, but any claim that they will give you the absolute truth or answer to all life’s questions is usually not true. People often think that the lives of gurus, field creators, and others are perfect, but this is a deception that is more common in influencer circles on Instagram than in spiritual circles.

The truth is that wisdom comes from a lot of suffering, inner searching, experience with various problems of all kinds, observation, and in fact, this determines which people will be attracted to a particular healer, guru, or spiritual leader.

The key to everything (at least for me - for others it may be different) is constant internal observation. This means, throughout the day - What thoughts are going through my head? What feelings? What automatic reactions do I exhibit? On a personal level.

On a collective level, when interacting with others in the same way - what thoughts, emotions do they have, on what frequency they vibrate, and others.

Over time, this awareness and observation deepens. For example, by someone’s voice, I can tell from which level their problem originates. If I delve deeper, I can understand how it was created, at what age they were, who created the situation, and so on.

These skills develop slowly and gradually and deepen over time and attention that a person devotes to them. There is no course, book, or person that can teach you this.

Awareness is a way of life, and it is necessary to devote attention, focus, and effort every day to apply and develop it, and for a person not to relax and live on autopilot as they were programmed in their childhood or by the matrix.

Meditations accelerate the acquisition of such wisdom because they relax the mind and allow a person to enter higher levels of consciousness, from which they can see these things from a Higher perspective.

This is the main and fundamental thing, but there are other approaches. For example, using the Reality Shifter field, a person can shift to a reality where they can already do these things, and people can start to manifest rapidly around them, who will “train” them in this skill, so that they can be sure on a conscious level that they already know it and discover the nuances of the method that is revealed to them.

I know it sounds banal and has been repeated a thousand times in different places, but it is true: All the answers are hidden inside you. You can use the knowledge, experience, and tools from the external world, from other people, but if you don’t use your intention and awareness, you will probably be able to extract much smaller benefits from them compared to people who are engaged 100% in their change, development of their abilities, income, etc. This is valid for all areas of life.


When you say we change shift realities into another where we already know the right knowledge and people, does this mean that reality is not real in a sense? And does that mean the parallel universe theory is objective fact? Who are those people, are they independently themselves or just figments of our imagination? This is definitely getting into solipsism territory :smile:

I know how you feel when learning these new concepts. I started not very long ago. From what I’ve gathered, we are living an illusion of reality called the third dimension or the 3D world. Since it’s like a hologram we can purposely change it to match what we desire in our lives and most of the times we manifest something it is because we shift into an alternate or parallel timeline where we get what we want in our lives. Hopefully this makes sense. If I’m wrong, I do apologize for my ignorance everyone. Hopefully someone can correct or elaborate for us.

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The dimension in which we experience the so-called 3D or the Matrix is not real from the perspective of the mind and the soul. Of course, if you put your hand on a candle, you will feel and experience what “burning, pain, scorching, itching, etc.” are, but at a higher level, this is not real. A little off-topic, but people in different cultures have rituals every year where many people gather and walk barefoot on fiery coals. From the perspective of the mind, this is impossible, and according to logic, the result should be burned feet with blisters for months, but in reality, no one at these rituals has ever been burned.

Why is that?

Firstly, the people who do this are mentally prepared to take this step regardless of the danger, which according to logic would seriously harm the physical body for months.

Secondly, it takes courage and finding your inner state in which everything is possible. Having the attitude that you will pass through this fire no matter what happens. This involves many qualities such as determination, hardness, ability to take risks, faith, and others.

Thirdly, to do it. They usually hold their breath before they start and after 1-2 seconds, they do it with full determination, and in the end, everything is fine, they haven’t even felt any burning while doing this ritual.

Our world, both mental and in this dimension, has many illusions associated with time and space. In fact, they do not exist. If we delve into the subject over time and think about what it actually means to not exist, we will discover that all our lives, timelines, on all planets, in all dimensions, universes, etc., work SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THIS MOMENT.

When a person breaks the illusion of time and space with ease, they can move into other timelines and extract information, skills, and qualities from there in their current incarnation.


Can tell more about this part? I have been seeking this kind of knowledge and information, some insights will be appreciated! Thanks

You can use these two fields to start playing with time: DM: SPEED PERCEPTION OF TIME [DM: SPEED PERCEPTION OF TIME - MaitreyaFields] and DM: SLOW PERCEPTION OF TIME [DM: SLOW PERCEPTION OF TIME - MaitreyaFields]. They will forcefully put your consciousness into a state where your perception of time changes. If you invest intention and effort to recognize this state, soon you will be able to understand and bend time with the power of your intention, as there will already be this information and energy in your system. This is a basic level for all other abilities.


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How can one generate this kind of field themselves? Is it intention to put a certain information into the field plus a deep meditative state?

Before a person can create energy fields, they need to go through a lot of knowledge and experience with energy. They need to be able to feel the energy, to see it, to be able to change it, to be able to travel to different places and dimensions, to distinguish between different energies - harmonious/disruptive, to differentiate between different energy beings, and to find the highest levels of existence in the universe where they will not be deceived or manipulated by various astral entities.

There is no quick path to this, nor a magical key that can give you this knowledge. All this knowledge accumulates over the years, even with knowledge from past lives, but most importantly with experience. Experience and healing on oneself, experience with working with other people, etc.

Buddhists say that when a person has a great goal, it will inevitably be achieved regardless of how many lives it takes. During this time, the person will go through many different experiences that will create the necessary situations in which they will practically learn how things work, not just on theories.

So, if you have such a desire - you can declare it to the universe. This will create a vortex of events that will lead you down this path. :slight_smile:


This answer really generates alot of trust and respect in your work Maitreya. Thank you for taking your time to answer a question like this.


Waaa that’s so inspiring haha :laughing: I feel so motivated just by reading that! I’m definitely still working on healing myself, but after that, it’s on to this kind of stuff :sunglasses: