DM: The Art of Utilization

The purpose of this field is to utilize everything that you have learned in your past or future life. Based on our lifetime we learn many things but we forget almost everything in next life. However, what it would be like to get those skills into your consciousness? Basically what it does is to bring your subconscious skills into your consciousness. All you have to do is to hold the idea or concept of the thing you want to be awaken into your consciousness and the field will scan inside your subconscious/Dna and talk to your subconscious directly to bring it into your conscious mind (only if you have it in your subconscious mind or anything related to it). For example you hold the thought of “singing” and the field will bring all the knowledge you have about singing into your subconscious mind that you are not consciously aware of (if it’s your past life talent or you’re unable to do it for negative beliefs or any other reason). It will scan all your past and present life to bring literally everything you know about singing. It puts you at a state of “limitless or unconscious mastery” as if you just “understand” how to do it. Also enhances skill processing in your brain so that your existing skills will also be enhanced without doing much work…when you do something new it feels very difficult at first but when you do it for a very long time it feels like nothing. This field will enhance all your skills at that level no matter what you do. However, everything comes at a price in general and in order to find out how it suits you best is to invest time in this field…


I thought you almost forgot about it lol

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stupid people try to remember
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But I’m wondering did anyone test it yet? Would like some review from them

This should resonate well with copier. Since people can’t tap into downloaded information consciously…or if not could you update it so that it would do that?

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Working of this type of field, but it’s more complex than i through lol


You mean you’re making something that will make copier easy to use or are you adding that option that I mentioned in this mandala?

Wow, this is super interesting :100:


I had requested something like this.

Yeah but Super Geniuses forget to write lists HAHAHA



Apart from past lifes, this field will also bring the knowledge from subconscious to conscious which we would have stored in current/present life?




Has anyone bought this yet? Any review?

Could this also be used for physical healing too? Say someone had a stroke and lost motor skills, could they bring back the memories of being able to move their arm normally, and regain the ability back?

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How would he do that if he lost motor skills because of damaged physical state. You contradict yourself. He has memory but can’t use it.

Sorry, I didn’t explain it well. The subconscious holds the memories of all your lives. If someone loses motor skills, it doesn’t mean that the memory of how the muscle previously worked is gone. When that person keeps working on regaining that ability, they are essentially tapping into the subconscious and transferring the working memory back into the muscles, nerves, etc.

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Actually this is possible and I have seen it with my eyes to happen. You can read on the internet for people who lost their hand or leg and without even having it physically they say that they are feeling pain there. Anyway, i can’t guarantee that this field will do this job. Energetically nothing is lost, but have to be worked with the person to be seen why he is in this condition - mentally reasons, karmic reasons, etc…


When a person realizes why something is happening to him, there is a high probability of instant healing without additional tools.


Please check your DM Maitreya :crazy_face:

I wanted to install something and it feels like it’s being downloaded into my conscisousness.I can feel strong sensation in my brain…it actually feels stronger than copier imo and strong sensation when copier feels very subtle. But keep in mind that in order to download the ability has to exists in a part of your higher self or subconscious mind. You can’t download anything which is not into your backup library…pair it with copier it should give very fast result…