Hey guy’s,
yesterday i watched tv and a question occurred.
I live in my own reality, but if the tv, or the internet is streamed there must be another form of reality or not?
I know, even i didn’t grasp it fully, we are all one, all from one consciousness.

But here is my reality and there is a collective reality woven into mine, as a different type of reality.
My reality with its unlimited possible time line and collective reality with its different timelines. Because i i can’t believe i chose what is streamed in tv or happens in the world.

How does it work?


This is a good question, but we all can answer this differently, and we all can be right.

When you fantasising for example (or visualizing) your sub mind take it as a reality. But your conscious mind consider this day-dreaming. What is real for you? Is 3D real? Or maybe it’s all just hologram.

My advice, because I went through this process, too, is not to try to understand this. Feel it. Because the more you use your mind, the more you can feel confused.
I feel the reality. Because I make a shift using RS every day now, with instructions from my HS, then I don’t think what has changed, I scan my new reality with all senses and with my energy. What was yesterday is no longer valid, so I think one of the answers would be - your reality is happening now.


Sorry to jump into this topic, but what fields would you recommend for the instructions from the HS part? I do have the manifesting tools, but need the power of the higher self to direct and organize it all. Would the energetic life coach be an option?

Don’t know how it does work, I feel that collective reality differs between non homogeneous aggregates. We can argue that on some level there is a collective base reality that we can agree on, but it could just be a higher order/ stronger field that has more people in its grip. thing about collective reality is it’s event + perceptions and the perceptions just makes things messy. Hinduism provides the intellectual not this, not that method of negation to reach to the Ultimate. From RS perspective, I don’t feel that we need to bother much about a collective reality that doesn’t impact us directly, cpnsidering that many further out events is just not operationally beneficial.

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random stories that i wanna share xD
few days ago , i had a short connection to myself somehow from other timeline , that almost the same as me but picked different minor choice’s
i found it through a strong attention when i was about to pick one of my fields.
maitreya’s fields litterly effect overall and beyond that
maybe we actually choose fields and help our diffrenet versions , mess with them through the energy work? damn

also i remember that when i put the Blueprint of soul into audio , and then inside the emitter .
after a few hours i felt like 5 or 20 soulcycles/ difrenet Consciousnesses in telepathy
it felt like other life cycle’s but same soul :slight_smile:
its all me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

first using of god awaken :
felt like my whole being is smiling
and i am my higher self
i felt like artcutrian with energy body that fit an arcturian body .

was one of the most exiting events from fields ever .
after a few hours had more crazy stuff but scary from this dm

but its better to keep it to myself


This : Connection with Higher Self

I use Light Language. I can sing, speak and write. I write in RN using LL and then use it as a parameter for RS. You might come up with a completely different way.

Yes, we can just jump to a different reality because there are so many of them to choose from. In contrast, most people will stuck where they are.

New is always scary. Expansion is thrilling but this is out of your comfort zone.

It’s just a small piece of how powerful you really are :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your input, i put that question aside. It’s not important for now.

Normally i would make a ne thread but i ask that here. These days, i was thrown back in my manifestationpractice. I came to the point, that whatever i desire, it’s a feeling/emotiin that I’m haunting. And i learned that it’s the state that manifests. So now I’m back at my beginning toughts years ago. It must be possible to experience these states(happiness, love, abundance) on it’s own, without putting anything from the outside.

My plan today was imagining a handshake with my father and gratefulness from him, for paying there dept completely.

This scene shall symbolize my financial freedom. But while starting the imagination, i can’t let go of a tought: why am i doing this, it’s because i have resistance to my actual state of being. I’m unhappy that many things are not as i want them to be. So there must be a way to feel what i want, ignoring the circumstances.
I dropped the imagination and affirmed my life is an adventure, full of wonders, full of enthusiasm, full of love, full of peace, full of joy, full of everlasting happiness, full of abundance in all it’s forms.
I am wonder, I am love, I am joy and so on…
Did this intuitively and my ears are very hot trough that.

But now a question, are you able to enter states of feelings by wish and how shall i do that? Or will I get to it, when I persist in practicing the law of assumption.

I can’t decide at the moment how i will go further.

Practice will get you there. Every day, you make a choice to feel this or that. What would happen if you decided to feel the same emotion for the next 30 days once a day?
It’s not possible just to feel joy, but find time to feel this for 30 minutes every day. I can guarantee you, that after some time, you will be able to generate joy with no effort and keep it longer.

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Thank you, today I’m already more confident again :slight_smile:

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