Optimal time for creating shifts

Have been wondering about the upcoming eclipse and whether planetary positions, major eclipses offer better/ worse windows for reality shifting. Anyone have some insights?


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Shift to a reality where its plenty OK to do shifting ANY TIME or shift to a reality where its the perfect time for you too reality shift, astrologically or other wise. I AM not the only one with input but thats my imput for now. ALL the very best & Happy Successful Shift !! Confidence Courage, Divine invocation pendants on Etsy, ALL and more, may help you ,too!!


Don’t get caught up and don’t be scared of various theories that are spread on the internet. There will be various changes, but there’s no need to invest your energy in fear. It’s unlikely that it will affect you personally.


I’m sure that such periods amplify all your intentions, all internal doubts, fears, and so on. Whatever you focus your attention on will be significantly intensified.

If you express to the world the essence of who you are, and you are love, if your intentions are pure, and you want to change the world for the better by doing something for others, then there’s nothing to fear. Moreover, you will receive a huge boost to all your manifestations and shifts.

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I recently came across a perspective that made me doubt the idea of reality shifting, which I had held to be true for so long. Basically, it stated that there’s only 1 physical reality and 1 human consciousness that learns collectively. This idea of entering parallel realities where people who “vibe” out of one’s life are left in another alternate parallel reality just isn’t true.

So what really is this perspective that there are an infinite number of realities and that each person creates their own physical reality about? It’s basically the idea that our consciousness doesn’t just perceive reality, it creates it like a virtual simulation. It sounds like solipsism to me.


Maybe it’s all about virtual simulation after all. Right now, I’m leaning towards the idea that at the highest level, everything is one; there are no divisions, like the ones we have here on Earth. And these divisions are created by our ego.

When I, as an individual, understand that everything around me is my creation, my invention, and that there are no other people because everything is one at the highest level, then essentially, I am that creating reality. So, I create everything around me, with my conscious creation and conscious perception.

I perceive realities as potentials that already exist. This doesn’t mean that, for example, hundreds of separate egos of mine are living different lives. It means that I have the potential to choose which experience to live, because everything is me. I am one big consciousness that includes everything, and through my choice, I can choose what to experience and how to perceive it. All my possible realities are already within me.

For instance, there’s just my childhood, let’s call it X.
Let’s assume two perceptions

First. I choose to believe that this childhood Х was amazing, with amazing parents and events, which led me to success now.

Second. I could also consider the same childhood X was terrible, and that it influenced my success negatively.

In the first scenario, I will think that I am successful and find reasons for success in my childhood. In the second scenario, I will think that I am unsuccessful and find reasons for it in the same childhood. And my reality will reflect my thoughts about myself, whether I am successful or not. In the first case, I will want to fix my childhood and will seek out traumas, heal relationships with my parents, and these processes will have no end. But I can also choose to simply change my perception. And that’s it.

It’s my choice to believe into anything, and my opinion and perception will be creating my reality.

If I feel union with everything and that I am everything in this world, I am a unified consciousness, then I can choose anything. I can choose any reality, any experience I want to live, any personality traits, and create any people around me, any events.

Choice creates.

Imagine how our world would be if everyone consciously created the world with their perception as they wanted to see it. It would be a world of gods. Even now, this world is a world of gods who engage in unconscious creation, not from a state of unity, not knowing that they are actually gods.


It’s kind of like looking at oneself as the whole body, but then at another level it’s the body mind soul, at another level it’s the liver, pancreas etc, at another level it’s liver cells, pancreatic cells etc and at another it’s the space between the cells. Depending on where we are at we concentrate on a different level with the understanding that no one level is the whole picture, and the sum is greater than all the parts. Reality shifting feels like in this way to change the bubble of consciousness of each part to a different one. What prompts us is the force to evolve to something more than currently exists or currently existing in our awareness.

Thank you for the beautiful responses everyone. Absolutely cherish this community. :pray:


I don’t think that’s how it actually works. The idea that you can create people around you, as if they just blip in and out of existence because your consciousness willed it just incorrect. Perception is important yes, but people and their individual egos are an independence existence beyond your conscious individual control. This reality isn’t a dream, it’s a reality, an objective one. It’s not like in GTA, where if you walk past an area, pedestrians just spawn in, and disappear as you leave the area.

The reason why I raise this is because I had come to believe in this idea of “reality shifting” but then realized that it was an incorrect mental model of reality and that it was causing problems in my life. Not only that but many, many people in spiritual and new age circles are perpetuating this belief, blindly. Teachers are claiming it’s true, and their adherents, not knowing any better are just blindly believing them, with negative consequences.

Maitreiya herself has been pushing this belief and I myself am beginning to doubt her level of realization if this is held as the truth.

Instead, what actually happens is this. When we realize inside ourselves, the collective consciousness shifts. People do begin to enter and leave our lives and circumstances do change. But it’s not because we entered an alternate reality or that these so called “NPCs” disappeared from so called “reality” but more because we began to take a different path through this objective physical reality that is shared by all 8 billion people on this single Earth. People who supposedly shifted out of our lives are still there, living their lives, it’s just that we don’t interact with them anymore.

These nuanced points are extremely important because there’s often so much truth mixed in with the confusion. So much of “reality shifting” is true but not in the way that these mental models interpret it. And the false parts can cause a lot of damage and confusion, leading people astray.


And to add on to this, let’s say that we both met in real life. Did you create me? Through your intention to “create your reality”? I don’t think so.

But if you mean that you are all humans, and all humans are you, and humans created this reality then yes, that’s true.


How do you interpret “As above, so below; as within, so without” and how do you set boundaries between subjective reality and objective reality? What kind of reality in your opinion is impacted by reality shifting?

Not sure if you were talking to Hero or not, but as to how I would interpret that statement, completely true. We are everything.

The only thing I took issue with is this small snippet from Hero’s post, everything else is completely true.

I didn’t see your post before but what you refer to as reality shifting, I would more describe as shifting one’s awareness to different parts of our experience. I’m more talking about reality shifting in the vein of “Reality Transurfing” by Valim Zealand.

Objective reality is the reality that is shared by 99.9999999999 percent of consciousness, which is grander than most people can imagine. Subjective reality is the reality that is created within a small subset of humanity, from varying levels between a single individual, a small group or groups, and so on. Usually this is a mental construct but sometimes this can extend to semi-objective constructs that are shared between multiple people, like collective multiplayer dreams. What makes something objective is the amount of agreeance that many different consciousnesses have on something’s existence.

The kind of reality that is changed by changing our awareness or perception is our shared collective and objective reality, not an individual subjective reality. People can live in their own reality but this is more like daydreaming than changing some kind of objective reality - not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that.


Our virtual conversation right now is like something someone, maybe you or me, created without even realizing it. Not in the sense that there was an empty space and suddenly a ten-story building appeared out of nowhere, no. It’s more like someone created us in their reality as an answer to their conscious or unconscious question. So, through me, they got their answer.

It’s kind of like when you’re searching for information, and then, out of the blue, you find it in a totally unexpected place, like an hour later.

For example, let’s say I had a specific goal related to achieving success and self-realization. First. I come across a book called “Just Do It, Do It Simply,” Second. I watch a movie where they keep saying “Stop thinking, start doing”… Third. Then, my wife goes away for a few weeks, and she sends a picture of her meeting our friend at a café, and on the table, there’s a cup with the word “Do” written on it. And I’ve got the answer

It might seem like the universe is talking to me, but because I am everything and everything is one, it’s like I’m talking to myself, just different parts of the same big consciousness.

This vast, unified consciousness experiences and understands itself through the different parts of consciousness, which in the physical world are humans. So, it learns about itself, like love, through the experiences of billions of its parts.

Do we create everything around us? As individual people, no. But as a huge consciousness, yes. We’re here to understand love and unity because everything is one, and that’s the truth.

For instance, let’s say millions of people (or essentially one unified consciousness) have a desire like “Wouldn’t it be cool to have electric cars so that… blah blah blah.” Boom! Other parts of this big consciousness create it in the physical world.

Did we, as a big consciousness, create the opportunity for ourselves to drive electric cars? Of course.

Maybe our conversation was created by other people or even a huge group of people (remember, they’re also part of the same collective consciousness) to understand something or answer a question because maybe you or I have the energy needed to help those parts of the big consciousness understand love through many other parts of itself (i.e., people).

Do we create wars? Definitely. If tens of millions of people have conflicts inside, those conflicts spill over into what reflects those conflicts. It’s an unconscious creation.

The only way to stop creating more wars is to resolve conflicts within ourselves and start realizing three things:

First. We are creators, and we can create consciously, not unconsciously. By our choice.

Second, We are one, so it doesn’t make sense to harm another part of ourselves and make ourselves worse.

Third. Everything is love. Understanding this, becoming love, and expressing the essence of who you are in the world through love, giving love.

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All realities are within us, and we have the choice to pick any of them. I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s like living by a river full of crocodiles, drinking coffee, eating croissants for breakfast, and not seeing any crocodiles.

It’s not about there being billions of variations of realities for each of the 8 billion people existing now simultaneously; it’s about consciously choosing and living the reality you like.

It’s like a stage in a theater. There’s one stage, but you get to choose the scenery. And there can be hundreds of thousands of millions of sceneries.


Looks like we’re entirely on the same page then. I completely agree that if there is some kind of need, it will spontaneously manifest through other people or ourselves. For example, maybe the need is clarification about mistruths being believed, and so this conversation spontaneously emerged. And maybe people reading this will see this discussion and have their confusions clarified. I know I certainly clarified some of my own confusions here, and clarified confusions that I’ve seen in other people.

The only point I wanted to clarify is that if there is a need of people (e.g. people needing financial freedom), then someone else in this world must take action to make it happen. So an employer can offer a job and the person can accept. It’s not that the universe just conjured up a new reality (like loading a new game level) for the person, such that their needs are met. I believe this is a very real belief in some spiritual circles that believe in “manifestation” and alternate realities.

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And yes, I get you. Choosing the scenery, very important.

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When you shift to another reality, the people there also follow different patterns. It’s not up to you to create them. Anyone who has practiced enough shifts with a Reality Shifter or on their own should have already noticed this. For example, you might be discussing a certain topic with a friend, and they hold a completely and utterly fixed opinion. After a shift, the next day, they might hold the opposite opinion on that topic. And if you ask them how this happened, since they had a different opinion before, they will respond that they have never thought that way.

It’s not possible to explain this method and others like it with logical reasoning, and attempting to do so would lead to incorrect conclusions. To understand transferring, other realities, timelines, etc., one needs to have real experience or to have transcended the boundaries of time and space as a tangible fact.

Also, reality is not objective, but exactly as Hero mentioned - virtual, a projection.

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