When even the mightiest of fields can't repel external negativity

Trying to maintain a positive, hopeful approach to life, but man – I’m in a situation where I can’t afford to live independently, and the person I’m with is just so shockingly negative, condescending, and disrespectful these days, it’s bringing me to the end of my rope. Even the best of the best fields on my person (chameleon, be appreciated, etc) doesn’t stop them from being nasty to me. My self-esteem isn’t the greatest, but geez, I know I deserve far better than to be treated like this. So I can’t really be manifesting this for myself… right? What gives? It’s odd, like 9/10 people I meet during the day are neutral to friendly, but this person is chronically dissatisfied with their life in a way that causes them to lash out at me – and if you stand up to 'em, you get more shit. It doesn’t go well. …considering the circumstances demand that I interact with them, any tools you’d suggest to help me weather out this storm?

Can’t tell you how many times this last month I’ve dreamt of being launched to Mars. :'D

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My heart really goes out to you. I grew up with someone like that (my dad) and it left lasting scars on my psyche.
I’ve recently started re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth”. I’ve read it a few times, but for some reason the section on “The Pain-body” jumped out at me, and it just made so much sense why certain interactions still happen even though I’ve got the Chameleon protection, adaptive shield, and Empath protection on me basically 24/7, (though I must say, they help A LOT, before using them my daily interactions were horrible, no matter how friendly I was to people)
Anyway, back to the book: How Eckhart Tolle describes the “pain-body” is basically a conglomeration of all your trauma, stuck emotions, collective traumas, pain-body inherited from your parents, etc that basically becomes a sort of semi-autonomous entity that wants to feed off of others negativity. It finds positivity quite unpalatable, so if negativity is absent, it tries to create it by complaining, and especially by trying to elicit a negative reaction from others to feed on.
It sounds horrible and like everyone needs an exorcism STAT, but all that’s needed is to remain present with yourself and observe your thoughts, feelings, and what your reaction is when interacting with that person, so that you don’t give them more energy to feed off of. Easier said than done, of course, as it’s designed to try to push your buttons to try and get you to react.
I highly recommend to read that book I mentioned so that you know what behaviors to look out for in others and yourself to know when the “pain-body” is being triggered.
I tried for years to understand why people were still so incredibly nasty to me, when I was always kind, respectful, and well-mannered towards them (that’s how my mamma raised me, like a lady) and I started to realize that there must be something in me that has to be triggering this in others. So when I read that chapter about the “pain-body” and how similar pain-bodies like to trigger and react to one another, it finally started to make sense.
So keeping that it mind, you can perhaps try to heal that part of you, while staying present and alert to anything that might possibly trigger it, or if it’s triggered in another person.
Perhaps you can try the trauma and negative beliefs DM/audio, subconscious beliefs clearing/the SBC series for the collective/ancestry/individual, and then any DM or audio to help with staying mindful and present. My favorite one at the moment is Quiet mind epic life.
I know that this is a really long answer to a simple question, but I’ve been (and sometimes still am) in a very similar situation than you and I’m just sharing my experience and what I found out about what could be the cause to permanently fix this, so I thought I’d share it. Hopefully this can help you too.


Thank you so much for this – a lot of food for thought and a perspective I had never considered. I hope things improve for you too!


An update on this – life has improved for a time while being consistent with the codependency, divinity activation and fohat fire fields, and I was feeling very hopeful! But for reasons unknown, things have sadly regressed. I’m pretty down, drained and annoyed with the negativity I’m subjected to from this person I really don’t want to resent. But I’m not gonna give up on these fields, even though the silent treatment and cold shoulder are more and more frequent. In ways, it’s starting to feel somewhat like when I still had contact with my father. He was a full-blown narcissist and I had to walk on eggshells a lot. Couldn’t be true to myself or speak up without consequences of some kind.

I’m starting to feel like maybe there’s something karmic holding me back from being completely free from this situation and being platonically loved/respected by this person. Love from them can feel conditional under these circumstances. You know how when you try to cut cords/attachments, the receiving person might end up sensing it and holding on even tighter? That’s an image that’s sticking with me these days.

I just want a healthy, supportive relationship with this person. I want peace, you know? I’ve sent back a lot of good fields - like self-love, subsconscious blockage removal, and trauma healing - back in time with the Time Breaker. But while I wait, is there something more I can do?

Not sure if it’s useful information, but when I listen to self-love-related fields and all these things that should be comforting and is exactly what I need, I feel nothing at all. Well, except tired in the morning, if I play too many fields. For those of you in similar situations as I am, the book “Change Your Life’s Direction” by Jim Taylor might make your throat ache with how hard-hitting it is. I’ve never had something I’ve read describe me with such pinpoint accuracy.

Hey, this gives me an idea for a DM… if a field can make me feel what it’s like to be nurtured in all senses, emotionally fulfilled, and drowned in unconditional familial love, I’d be thrilled. I just wanna feel something good and comforting for the longterm. As someone wisely put it, I can’t keep filling the cup of another person when mine has been emptied.

Anyway, thanks for hearing me out! Fwiw, I am talking to a therapist, but I’m here because I know there’s so much more to relationships and life than what’s on the surface. And posting here, I feel less isolated and more forgiving of myself. Something can’t be right when I feel deeply guilty for just sharing my thoughts.

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Have you ever thought about banning? When it gets to a point where there is no solution you can try to banish them, you don’t have to try to fix things with that person, the problem is with them, you can just send them away without harming them.

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Out of curiosity, how might this play out, physically, if you’re in a live-in situation with them that you cannot leave at this time? They stop interacting altogether? :thinking:

Not everything seems to be as hopeless as it seems, if you are forced to share space with someone else and don’t have enough money to live alone, have you ever thought about changing partners? If none of that is possible you could try pragmatism, it’s an interesting concept that a good friend introduced me to recently. But it basically charges a price for all the negative action forced on you, until it stops for good and he just leaves you alone. It is not about charging money or material goods, but rather some behavior that displeases you equally, every time you are attacked, attack back but in another way, something that irritates or makes that person uncomfortable. It basically shows him that he can stress you out, but that will also take a toll on him, basically don’t allow the abuse to be forced on you, use whatever approach you think can bring a similar result, basically get out of the passive.

Like, tit for tat? I do respond in ways that piss them off, mostly unintentionally, but yeah, I do snap back sometimes, when push comes to shove. Not swearing, but confronting them. But I’m not too fond of it because it prolongs/deepens the discomfort of conflict. It blows my mind, sometimes, how little self-awareness some people have. I hope I don’t ever turn out that way.

Edit: Oops, forgot to thank you for weighing in. Thanks!


I Know exactly what you’re going thru believe me sincere I do !! a family full of narcissists
egocentric arrogant lot. Im care giving with both my parent and my Father is in, in home hospice, both my parents are in their 80’s. check out ,copy and paste in a search aura of love IML IML direct reflection shield both have an advanced fear remover in them,as well as protecting the hell outta ya!! lighthealing P Light ( key words in Search) the devices there.
I want to say for the record thar I Love Love Maitreya’s Fields and have around 25 now and lots of the audios since I joined Patreon ( well worth it folks!!) and in NO WAY AM I here to under cut what She/Staff are doing. IM totally here to be supportive as much as I can. I sincerely hope these will help you… OH payal offers a pay in 4, of which I Love love too, makes it so much easier on the purse strings, If money is a concern,that maybe a good option and P light offer a lay away 25 down and 12 months to pay on it. just saying
if in anyway this post is not OK here, let me know and I will delete it. thank you.
K. Mc.

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Thank you everyone – I wanted to mention that I made great progress by engaging with a sort of ‘automated ho’oponono’ video I found on YT. I feel better - today was good, and I will absolutely return to it again while thinking on all these suggestions I’ve gotten. I appreciate having the space to speak my mind and folks helping some rando on the internet (me).

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