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Hello, I had a doubt when it comes to using Multiple Mandalas with MM. What happens is, when I create a new folder with the manager with optimizer included and add fields to it I start feeling the fields at least the physical ones to begin with immediately and they give me the confidence that they’re working immediately which in turn gives me good enough noticible results within let’s say hours. This goes on great until I sleep and once I wakeup, it takes a while say 1-2 hours before I start feeling the fields again but this time the intensity of the fields is down to let’s say 50%. until the day passes I sleep and wakeup again and on the 3rd day the feeling intensity is down to 20-30% and by the 4th-5th the feeling part diminishes significantly and it’s like I’m forcing myself to feel the same intensity that I had back in day 1.

For this reason I deleted my folder again like a couple of weeks ago took a break of 2 days and remade my folder adding the same fields with manager and optimizer and went through the same process, initially the feelings were strong but now today it has decreased when it comes to the intensity. My question is, what is happening here? Am I missing something or is it just that as my body, mind and spirit get used to this energy overtime that I don’t feel it as intensely as I possibly should but it’s still working on that same level. Should I try to fix this or it’s just normal and I let it run and don’t worry about it regardless as the energies are still working? Also Do I have to go through and peek all the mandalas once I wakeup everyday to kind of recharge them or they will work regardless if I see them or not once the folder is already activated?


Do you feel the same intensity of the fields without the optimizer or the MM? It could be you are feeling the fields less as they begin to integrate. Which could be why taking a break helps


Hey thanks for the reply! I haven’t checked without the optimizer or the MM yet because I wanted the non-printed approach and the optimizer to balance out the fields. Yes like you said it could be feeling them less as they begin to integrate but when you say taking a break helps, what do you recommend I do in my case, you suggest I would be better off deactivating the MM and deleting the folder every week or couple of weeks, taking a 1-2 day break then recreate the folder and run the process in a cycle like this or something else?

I think nothing wrong here, when I were new to fields even 3-4 fields blasts off my mind, now I’ve 30 fields, free + paid one.i feel very less intensity nowadays


Field Optimizer can increase or decrease the intensity depends on you or your activity.
If you want to have mandalas worked all at 100%, just remove the optimizer.


There’s nothing wrong with diminishing physical sensations. There are people who even on the first day don’t feel the energy because they have a different system. Even if you don’t feel anything, the mandalas still work.

Actually, sensations mean that there is a big difference between your energy field and the new fields, the digital mandalas you are using, which creates a strong contrast in sensations for you. When the new energies integrate more quickly, this sensitivity and contrast decrease.

Even if you don’t feel anything, use the mandalas for several weeks/months to fully integrate everything and for it to be absorbed into your system.


Got it. Thank you very much! :pray:

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