Hey So I have been using maitreya fields and I think they are the best as they work almost instantly and have an long lasting effect and if you use them daily it will be permanent I think but the only thing is they work for me in the form of audios only. Let me explain, I came across the DM which they claim is ×3 boosted and also works better then the audio but I don’t know about that as I have bought multiple DMs from their website like Appreciated, Ancestral line rearrangement, Limit breaker, Remove negative energy in the form of DMs and stacked them one above the other and kept in my pocket but they are not working then I stumbled upon their mandala manager so I bought theirs Digital Mandala Manager V2 and stacked all of them and put The most powerful mandala manager V2 above but still they are not working for me. Kindly help me regarding the DM as I have probably around 20 of them including the Digital Mandala Manager V2 which works without carrying the DMs too but I feel they are not working. Kindly give some suggestions on how I can make them all work for me. I am also thinking of buying the Field Optimizer so that it can work. But please suggest something as they are not working for me. Maitreya told it should work but I don’t feel them the way audios work for me.

There could be several reasons why this happens:
The first thing I think is that the audios, being weaker than the boosted mandalas, have a faster integration, that’s why you feel the effects faster. It is something that I notice, the mandalas work more deeply.
Another thing is that perhaps you have blocks on a specific topic related to the work that the mandala is doing, therefore it takes more time to modify your beliefs, since any field works first in your mental world and then the “results” are just a physical representation of your mental world.
The last thing that occurs to me is that maybe you are using too many audios and mandalas, focus on one thing, or buy the optimizer if you do not know your proper limit of fields, or another that you use fields from another author that block the work or slow it down (which I see as unlikely but it can happen).

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Hello Yash,
What makes you feel the DMs do not work? What do you feel and how is it different when you use an audio field?
Have in mind that there is no need to feel anything physically in order for the fields to work. The way you can tell if they work is if you experience changes in your life according to the field you are using.

There are some people who like to receive the effects through audio and for that reason, Maitreya made the DM-Dm to Audio, with which you can create your own audio files with the fields that you have as a DM. Here is how to use it:

And this is the mandala:

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The thing is when I use the audio let’s say the beautiful cloak after some time people treat me differently and it works mentally as well for me whereas when I use the beautiful cloak DM it doesn’t work only and I can feel mentally too that the audio is working but in case of the DM it just doesn’t feel anything. I have also one doubt when I stack the DM one above the other they don’t work but when I keep them on the floor one besides other it somehow works but not as effective as audios. Can you please help me with this as I don’t have time to listen audios and due to the versatility of DM they look great but it should work better then the audios for me. Can you help me I have bought expensive mandalas too and nothing works when I stack them one above other I want them to work simultaneously 24/7. Please help0

I understand but the thing is with audios I can feel they are working and people notice it too but when I use the DM like appreciation it just doesn’t work I can’t feel them. And also I have a doubt when I stack the DMs one above other they just don’t work but when I keep the one besides another on the ground I think they work but not as effective as audios. Can you help me or tell me what I am doing wrong as I want the DMs to work due to their versatility as I don’t have any time to listen to audios all day and with DMs they can work simultaneously 24/7. Should the DMs touch the body as I keep them in pocket and it doesn’t touch my body can that be the reason. Please help

There is no reason why the mandalas would not be working while stalked. It can be that you have some subconscious idea about the best way to accepting the energetic programming. if you have a very strong belief that this will not work as an image or as a stalk you may be able to stop it from working if you have a very strong intention and are able to make things happen with your mind easily. Why you might have the idea that audios work better-it may be a coincidence happening sometimes, that you see Simeone’s attention when you have used the audio but missed the reaction of others when you used the DM and thus made up your mind that one is better than the other. Some people are very auditory oriented and they can really feel the audio fields whereas the one’s programmed in an image may be more difficult for them to sense. That however does not mean that the fields are not working.

If you find that you prefer a certain way just go ahead and use this way. You can also use a Mandala Manager Box if that appeals to you. There you can make a single sheet of printed out mandalas in small size and lay it inside the box and in this way you may feel that you are getting the effect better and this can happen in reality because you believe it and accept the influence better.

Also you can use Obstacle destroyer audio or mandala to remove whatever in you is preventing you from benefitting fully from the fields.

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Okay I get you and I already have digital mandala manager V2 from the store and I think you might be correct about me as I have made a belief that audios work and DMs don’t. I have digital mandala manager V2, I am going to buy field emitter and optimizer as well do I need anything else to make the DMs work please suggest some DMs that can help me tackle the problem and also I am seeing the forum and people on the field emitter topic are saying that once we put DMs and subs in the usb stick we have to wear it around the neck is it true ? Do I have to wear the usb stick around my neck or I can keep it in the pocket as well or please suggest the correct way to use it

The field emitter is the one you have to carry with you, but only if you use it alone. If you put it in a folder with the Digital Mandala Manager you don’t have to carry it.

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