Mandala not working

Is it because of my matching problem that it doesn’t work? I can’t feel the effect. Below is a picture of my matching. Please give me some guidance on how to match it.

help me

You are using too many fields at the same time. This can slow down the whole process drastically. Try to use ten fields of your choice for two weeks, and allow yourself a bit of rest. If you are not rested properly, fields will overload you.


Can’t a lot of mandalas be used even with optimizer grounds and circuit breakers?

I think you are misunderstanding the boosters.

You are literally using over 30 fields.
I can see he’s desesperation for results and your clear lack of goals.

Not to make judgments, I was there too, I think it’s better to focus on a couple of things instead of many.

Use Permanent Field Integrator and Internal Resistance Solvent + a couple of fields that focus on your current goals.

People tend to see fields as magic wands that give instant gratification, they are tools that help you achieve your goals.

An example is the beard field. It’s just another tool, like using Minoxidil for example, so you will still have to go through the physical process of growing a beard, etc., but if you are using too many fields it will take longer.

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How many are best to use and the effect will appear faster?

I see no problem even with that many fields and I think the fields that you added are good enough to go with. You have the fields and boosters that are supposed to bypass the normal limit threshold so your system should be able to handle it with the help of optimizier + limit breaker etc… The only thing I would suggest now is to be patient. If you created this folder in October or this month, you’ll have to give atleast 6-8 months and let it do its work to be able to start seeing noticible results. If you have any particular fields that you want to see results from relatively quicker than others, command the manager by saying “mandala manager boost xyz mandala (or multiple names) by 10x all the time” which will shove up the energy of that particular DM to the top.

But If you want results quicker and aren’t willing to be patient, only then reset and start small, then once you notice changes and are confident that they work add more and trust the process. In this case if you want faster effect, just start with 1-3 to begin with, the less the better and quicker.


If you still feel blocked, try “Custom Personal Scanning & Field Recommendation” in Esty and have Maitreya scan you, and then provide the best explanation and recommendation for your doubts

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