What is your thoughts on the correlation of Lust and Spirituality?

I really want to get @Maitreya 's opinion on this question because she is both a believer in the supreme creator and relax about sexuality as far as I see.

Now, considering there’re many sects that say lust ruins your spirit, pleasures of the flesh should be tamed, etc, etc. But even the same sources claim that perpetual joy is necessary for the spirit. Now I find sex extremely joyful, and think perhaps the word “lust” means more, but it’s quite open-ended.

Share your mind.


Well, in my opinion sex is good but always with moderation, as most/all things in life.
The extreme obsession and addiction of sex in western is not healthy.

let’s get super honest here, without any shame.

What would be considered extreme vs moderate? Let’s say we have only one significant other, but we’re both horny all the time. like all the time.

boner is a biological state, more commonly known as libido, if you are really healthy it is normal that you have a lot of libido in reality, but i think not enough for this to dominate your mind all day, if that is the case it is because there is some imbalance in the physical or energetic body, or a search for dopamine that can be mistaken for libido. I think it stops being healthy when you need it to live and can’t stop thinking about it, we should be in control of our wills and not the other way around, difficult to talk about clear values of what is and is not healthy or addictive, but I believe that is the general concept.

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Sex addiction, porn addiction, over masturbation.
I had problems with that in my life and brought me a lot of problems.

As you think, so mote it be.

There is no truth.



I came across this video recently that was intriguing. It may help with your question. I personally think that I can live a balanced life of choosing a spiritual path whilst also continuing to live a human earthly life as well

Sex is sacred when two people love each other.
It’s good to be made with love as both exchange energies and information between them.

This is program from religions to compress the biggest force in the human beings - sex drive, kundalini, to put shame of your body. Do you think that Creator or Universe, or what you want to call it - made this perfect beautiful body so you can now feel shame from you?

There are two types of people who are going on the spiritual path:

  1. Suffering ones - like monks. They stop to make sex, they go on vegetarian diet, etc. Which in the beginning is compressing, because “they should do that” otherwise they won’t be accepted.
  2. People who choose joy and love - It doesn’t really matter what you are doing as long as you enjoy it. Here the important thing is to don’t have low feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, etc.

Enlightenment is about unlearning all the crap that is programmed from the matrix. The truth is that you are already PERFECT. And you don’t need to learn or do anything to be perfect. All these spiritual tools in our time are made so you can remember that and break the illusion that there is something wrong with you.

When you drop a lot of stuck energy and emotions from your bodies, you raise automatically your vibration. High vibe is our natural state.

If you can drop all this programming from your head, you don’t need yoga, you don’t need one more course, you don’t need Maitreya’s fields, etc…

Just remove the things that make you low. You are not doing something wrong and there are no wrong things - only your perception of the things.

To get back on the sex…
When you are making sex with other person, keep in mind that you exchange energies. This is why it’s not good for you to have short relationships or based only on physical attraction (because you will get other stuff in your system too). If you love your partner it doesn’t matter how many times you will do sex. Even… sex drive means that the person is healthy.

(here i can add for men that they lose a lot energy if they are ejaculating often, but there are again techniques that you can practice to transmute this process)

Spiritual people who don’t have partners is good to raise their sexual energy to higher chakras so they don’t get blockages on the first ones. There are many practices for that - breathing, yoga, some other exercises. Or if the person’s mind is strong, he can do it only with thought.


Any kind of yoga can help with that, right?

These are some great thoughts ladies and gentlemen. Much appreciated. Thanks.

@Maitreya special thanks to you for mentioning the monk way and the joyful way. I’ve been getting intrigued by the thought that the senses of the body imprisons/limits the spirit, and considering transforming into a spirit-only being. As one of my virtues, I prefer to talk as little as possible about this if not practicing complete silence. Any attempt to describe the ineffable drifts me away from it, and I think I’ve already described enough for those that walk a similar path to mine.
I am coming close to a split, hence, gathering thoughts to evaluate and make a choice. Anyone who feels familiar with my peculiar description is welcome to DM me.

@jamesvanderbeak I like Dr. Hawkings, thanks, I’m about the watch the video now.