Some Important Suggestions For Brahmacharya Version.3

Hello Dear Admins, Moderators and the team of Maitryea Fields!

I just hope you guys are doing well. Actually, I am writing this post to give some important suggestions to the team of Maitreya Fields. I am anticipating that the team of Maitreya Fields will soon release a third version of the Brahmacharya frequency that stops sex drive, lust, sexual fantasies, and sexual thoughts with just one listen. I would like to give some really important suggestions so that you guys can actually produce a better audio. I am not an expert but I hope I can provide some suggestions and feedbacks to you guys. :sweat_smile:

I have been listening to the “Brain Chemicals Restoration / Frequency Healing Addictions / OCD / Depression” video and audio that was created and uploaded by the team of Maitreya Fields on Youtube. I can confirm that it was very powerful video/audio and it has been stated in the video description that the audio is so powerful that it can also treat heroin addiction if a person listens to it consistently. When it comes to creating the third version of Brahmacharya frequency, I would suggest that the key here would be to create an even a more powerful kind of video WITH PURE, RAW FREQUENCIES AND RAW ENERGY WITHOUT MUSIC that targets the brain directly to completely destroy lust with just one listen.

Dear team of Maitreya Field, I am a person who is under COMPLETE control of my sex addiction and I am a slave to my addiction. I have been to hospital three times because of my compulsive sexual behavior and I have been suffering from this problem for more than 10 years. I do hope that Maitreya Fields will be able to help me because the audio that treats OCD and addiction is one of the most powerful audios and I believe that when it comes to destroying lust and sexual fantasies, Maitreya Fields can produce even more powerful than that which will help many men out there who are not able to beat sex addiction and lust. I have written this with a lots of hopes and I really do hope that the version no.3 of the Brahmacharya frequency will be a BIG game changer and completely destroy lust, sexual thoughts, and sexual fantasies because it will contain raw energy and frequencies without any music.

Thanks in advance!


Not planning anything for Brahmacharya’s further version as of now. As the current version’s working well as we expected.

You can check out mandalas of all the available versions which can be printed and can be used also, work as mobile wallpaper or lock screen.:

Also, this one is not really needed if you already have Brahmacharya, however, can complement with Brahmacharya: DM: Release Effects of Pornography


Hey bro, I empathize with your situation and your struggles, but I really think you should try v2 first; it is very potent. I’m no psychologist, but I also noticed a sense of urgency in your post and a need for an immediate solution. Maybe this is a cause or an effect of your sexual addiction (instant gratification). Anyway, definitely keep at it with Brahmacharya v2 as well as meditate, do japa, find some hobbies, and use less technology. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your journey to health, peace, and God. There is unimaginable potential if you can conquer this vice, and I believe that you can. Keep me updated!


use the sexual clearing audio maitreya just released. I just listened to it and my horniness was instantly gone


You mean sexual clearing and cutting the cord frequency? As far as I know, it is more about forming a relationship with the partner rather than controlling the sexual urges, am I right?

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It is, but it works for removing detachments from whatever you have masturbated to as well. (Say hentai of a fictional character)