Sexual energy and lottery

I know a lot is said about detachment, beliefs, and many other things necessary for manifestation, but something little discussed and apparently much more powerful than all that is sexual energy, I’ve been trying to win the lottery or get other forms of money for years. , I’ve used fields of releasing limiting beliefs for months, releasing blocks, I’ve talked to my divine spark for months to release blocks and beliefs that prevent my abundance, but nothing seems enough, not a little more result, my store doesn’t sells, job opportunities don’t appear, nothing happened, but when I go into seminal retention some things change, along with lottery audios, I managed to win 960 reais in the lottery, it was my biggest amount so far, it’s not any money that has changed my life, but it’s a good amount, I managed to pay the first month’s rent in my new house with my mother, and I also managed to pay the reel. Turns out, after that I thought things would change, I didn’t get emotional or pressured, I didn’t react strongly, I didn’t do anything that could get in the way of the demonstration, I thought I had finally found the right audios to attract abundance and win the lottery, but it wasn’t like that, i’ve never been able to replicate the results and i’ve only failed so far, even though i’m constant in my listening and even using the permanent audio results the results go away like water slipping through my hands, it’s like trying to hold a lot of water in your hands but fail. With all this in mind, I started to look at the past and what I did differently to win, and it could only have been that, precisely the seminal retention, the entire period I was on seminal retention I always had good results! Even if I didn’t win, I would hit 2 numbers and come very close to hitting 2 more, with the quad you get a good amount, when I won the court I was on seminal retention for several weeks, but I couldn’t take it anymore and a few days later it relapses , after that day I couldn’t make a good sequence anymore and I only get mediocre results, so I’m inclined to believe that the real treasure of manifestation is seminal retention, the preservation of sexual energy.


That’s a tough one. The best things I’ve found for this are Cord Cutting and Three Treasures aka The Energizer. It will give you a boost of sexual energy, Three Treasures will, at first, so it might make things more difficult for a little while. But then I think it helps. You don’t feel the temptation to try to gain a feeling of energy in that synthetic way.

I think you are definitely on to something and that there is a major connection between sexual energy and manifestation and attraction. Nofap brings more attraction from women (typically, if you’re a straight guy and into women but let’s not overcomplicate this) but quite possibly also attraction in some sense from the Universe itself. Very interesting thought and I think you’re hitting on some truth.

I think there is a problem for many of us with feeling good. It’s taken some introspection so this might sound counterintuitive. With prolonged nofap your body just feels very good all over on its own. Without any touching necessary. I think there is some kind of fear or phobia of allowing ourselves to feel that good. We need to be out of touch and kill and shut down those good feelings. We “expel” the energy and get more dead on the inside and the tension is lessened.

However that might sound, there is some professional backing on this idea. From at least some psychologists. Wilhelm Reich, with Orgone theory for one. Robert Firestone in The Fantasy Bond goes into the idea that having emotions is in and of itself punished by many mothers who do not want to let themselves feel their own feelings. So they feel threatened by their infant freely feeling. And impart punishment to get the infant to deaden its feelings. So the baby can’t re-awaken feelings in the mother. There is a long chain and timeline of abuse in the human race implied here.

That rabbit hole goes deeper. Look into Erich Fromm in the Anatomy of Human Destructiveness. And Michael Tsarion in his series Sage VS Psychopath and Psychic Vampirism especially. “Evil” people (for lack of a better term) gain a sense of power over others by deadening themselves. They see themselves as superior to someone who still has feelings because they have sided with the abusive parent. They killed themselves on the inside in order to join the power of harming others rather than remain a victim.

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Very interesting thoughts.

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So monks in semen retention for years/decades you mean they would have more probability to win the lottery?

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more or less, even if an Olympic athlete is born faster than ordinary people, he won’t win just by that, training will be necessary to improve his talent. I say the same thing, they would have a better chance, but they still need to channel their intent in any way or method to make it real. We’ll find out if my theory is right, I’m starting a new journey.


Nice, best of luck for u


Why don’t you try Reverse Fap?

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