Dopamine Bunny Heaven and Spirituality

Guys, there is no week without dopamine being shown in bad light in random topics. And I don’t get it.

Let it be this way, but I would like to share my experience and maybe learn something.

When I was more doing some “heart/love meditation” in the past, there were some things happenning, some of them were:

  • I was very very happy
  • I felt filled with love
  • I started to see a subtle blue light on/beneath objects - it was like underlying construct of materia (I have not investigated whether that’s some illusion or not, but I’ve read some Yogi saying that once he was taken outside of his body he saw that “all is light”)
  • I found people either staring at me, liking my presence, feeling good around me; or when some “bad guys” tried to put me down, they failed and were becoming more and more stressed out with every try, even scared
  • I was more motivated to eat healthy, to eat less (to listen to body, it could have been opposite - to eat more)
  • I became more alive, more aware, world looked beautiful, I loved life
  • I was either put into “sit/walk/laydown and enjoy the love state now-here mode”, or when there was work to be done I was doing it better, my brain worked better, I was enjoying doing it the best I can so that client will be happy with the product
  • A lot more courage inside me (sometimes I felt fear inside head and tremendous courage inside heart)
  • Music sounded wonderful
  • I had some ability to resolve arising “bad vibes / conflict” with big grace so that noone feels put down - it was even like not me doing that, I was being guided what to say (sometimes it was even a little harsh maybe, but with grace, and with good outcome)

When I am doing “observation meditation” I sometimes end up in a state where:

  • I am very very happy
  • I feel filled with love
  • World looks beautiful, magical
  • People who are passing by are staring at me, others (some girls) are happily laughing like without reason, occasionally peeking with loving smile at me, they seem enjoying the atmosphere in the air so much
  • People who are trying to do something bad to me - they fail in this way that I am not triggered at all
  • If some actually succeed to put me down into “slave/victim mode”, I need several seconds or minutes of “observation” for every “toxic” energy to disappear
  • A lot more courage inside me
  • Music sounds wonderful
  • Seems some psychic abilities opening up, things which I can’t find any rational background for - are happenning

Take in mind that what I’m writing is I think not like ego-based that “oh I am so super, I influence people, I’m better, now I’ll take advantage”. It was like complete opposite inside me, I never intented anything like that, I just observed what’s happenning and treated that as proof that what I’m experiencing is not my illusion/hallucination. And that “love energy” - I haven’t considered as “me” or “mine” at all.

And I’m also pretty bad at inducing above states. If I get there, sooner or later I lose that.

What does it have to do with topic/dopamine - I was taking dopamine inducing substances and what happens after is:

  • I am very very happy
  • Meditation becomes a lot easier
  • I feel more connected to body, I listen to what it wants regarding food or taking break from work and enjoying resting in bed
  • A lot more courage inside me
  • Music sounds wonderful
  • I feel alive
  • I can easily without any stress put some bigger project for later, if right now I need to focus on something else (work); and after work I easily switch and go back to big project without any feeling of “oh this is so big, so much has to be done, this will take so much time and stress, I won’t be able to” etc., I just do step by step and enjoy the process without stressing out the body
  • Many people enjoy working with me, I’m not triggered by anything, I have ability to resolve arising conflicts with grace and not put anybody down
  • People chatting with me saying at the end with smile that this was a great conversation, really great one
  • At work I enjoy doing the best for the customer, brain works better, imagination works better, I have many ideas how and what to do, I share them and enjoy if other people do the same, so that we can choose the best; I have zero intention of forcing mine, I feel totally OK admitting I was wrong, I feel ego-less, interested in the best outcome, not whose idea was that; what I don’t enjoy is when something obviously bad is chosen, without any reasoning, what seems like - just to show “who is the boss”
  • I’m in aware-relaxed-active state, I can easily work, can easily go towards achieving material goals, can easily rest, easily meditate

What I read about doing manifestation is that it’s better to be in good mood:

  • Maitreya wrote in RN topic (this may be a little out of context) "It’s enough just to feel good - even if you get that with a nice cup of tea. "
  • Shiva wrote you need to be in satisfaction mode: “For me, a nice cup of coffee is the feeling of heaven. So, I use it as an anchor of the feeling of satisfaction. For you, it might be a small piece of chocolate, or a 10 minute walk, playing a musical instrument for a few minutes, to even listening to your favorite song.”

When I read mystics books, they say about happiness, bliss, remove all programming, become again like a child (conscious this time).

And all those states I wrote about above are feeling for me like states of inner-child or connection with inner-woman.

I would be more concerned about serotonin, at least for instance from what I read on men-elite:

But in general, people with high serotonin have low dopamine and are prone to being unstable, negative, make decision and cognitive errors, pessimistic (can also have a lot of fake confidence and be overly (fake) optimistic), leach on other people’s energy, have the answers to everything, are overly logical as opposed to creative, want people to feel sorry for them, depressed, irritating and truly annoying, passive-aggressive/up-in-your-face aggressive, enjoy picking on people to make themselves look or feel better, think highly of themselves (but deep inside are highly insecure and lash out if any insecurity is exposed), can’t take it to be wrong, etc, etc, etc.

To sum it up even shorter, there are mainly two serotonin personalities, one that is up-in-your-face aggressive, dominant (not calm and assertive), narcissistic, authoritative and controlling, and the other one is more of a weak, depressed, anxious, socially isolated (feel sorry for me), personality, or a combination of both (“two-faced”, split personality etc.).

Many times I see I would consider toxicity on internet forums, people with “you know nothing, all you experience is plain wrong and invalid, I know everything, you listen to me” attitude…

But anyway - I understand these are only names for neurotransmitters, in many cases it may not matter, we may be more interested in the end result than what transmitter did what (unless you want to work specifically with them ofc.), scientists and authors may be wrong etc.

I’m writing because I cannot connect the dots :). Heart Space for me is like dopamine plus addons. So if there is something wrong with dopamine, if it’s putting me into some illusionary bunny heaven state, then what about Heart Space if it’s doing the same?

BTW I saw @NotFrank you noticed dark gross energies from DrVirtual7 work, while his audio is one of my favs. I was wondering about this a lot, this is different topic but one my idea was that maybe I need those dark gross energies and maybe dopamine is also emanation of such dark gross energy, which will be bad for others, but good for me :). Don’t know.

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