¿What is the difference between "subliminal audios" and "energetically programmed audios"?

I have some questions, ¿what is the difference between “subliminal audios” and “energetically programmed audios”?And can subliminal audios and energetically programmed audios of different kinds be combined?

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Subliminal audio means that there are recorded messages that can not be perceived consciously, because may be the is other noise that makes it difficult or are too quiet to realise you are hearing them, but the subconscious is able to perceive them and records them. An example for that us a pop corn commercial played during a movie that is too short for the eye to see but the mind still perceives it and people tend to go and buy pop corn afterwards because they still received the suggestion. Same goes with auditory stimuli-even if you don’t know you are hearing it your mind is hearing it.
Energetically programmed audio is an audio that uses energy field to influence you and does not rely on subliminal suggestion. They can be combined, yes.

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Thank you very much for answering, but what is an “energy field”?
I mean, how do those audios work?
I have listened to many subliminals and I have even made some, but I do not understand what the type of technology that these types of energetically programmed audios use is like and if they have frequencies or what type of sounds they have to work and make changes, how they are programmed and all that . Thank you very much again.

Тhe technology is proprietary information :slight_smile: It is a very advanced and complicated method that is not possible to be simply explained here. Suffices to say it works for most people. We may best explain it as quantum energy.


Oh, cool, thanks for the information and for asnwer me, sorry for my english, i am not using the translator right now… xD