How can i make Energetic audio files

Can someone explain the process of how energetic audio is programmed and then infused and projected to the audio file in the audio workstation please? I have searched everywhere and cannot find 1 single tutorial on how to do this. Not to offend anyone here but to be honest this is starting to make me think its all a bunch of hogwash. The only way i think any of this could be possible is with the use of Radionics software such as this CoRe Bio Resonance for Being Yourself INTEGRITY - YouTube With all these new energetic audio channels showing up on youtube, one could easily make a channel stating programmed energy is being used throw some music on and people would believe it. I’ve been asking channel after channel and absolutley no one will tell me the process of how its made and projected to the audio file.

Dude, this is not “Do it yourself, easy tutorial, with all download links” on Youtube, lol.
The energy field does not even need music or audio to function or transmit.

Okay, so if you are skeptical or seem like a lot of nonsense you could:
Option A: Do REALLY GOOD research, not a 5 minute reddit or internet search.
Option B: Try it for yourself;)
Option C: Think they are a lot of nonsense and drop these topics.
Or … Option D: Choose to do something else to your liking.
Well, I’m not looking to show or offend my friend, but I remember that before asking in a forum or getting involved in this I was like a maddened madman investigating information, books, with people I knew had knowledge, blogs and more, all over the internet, so…

Yes, this is what many people do lately, trust your inner intuition and yourself friend.

Yes, if you have the secret formula of a fine and expensive dish that does not compare to the others, would you show it?
Again, though, these are skills that anyone can develop.
And … You know the possible potentials and damages that the world would cause if we all knew how to make effective fields … Not only the negative collateral damage, but because of the fact that many people do not really know how to use these tools.
Here are some things that might help:
Well this can generally help make any field work for you:

Learn this as a basis, then you can investigate on your own, in this forum and in others there are already too many answers to what you are looking for, sometimes it is simply too tedious to repeat the things that are already here …

A GREETING FRIEND, Take what is useful to you. :slight_smile:


Lol hogwash!


I have done this. Searched high and low. Dont know where else to go. I just wanna know how its imbued to the waveform in the digital audio workstation. Can you also recommend any books?

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I don’t recommend to create those because you may invade certain beings that feed off your energy and there are enough examples for that.

(if you don’t know what you are doing which counts for the most people unless you can see beings and have common sense)

There are enough tools from maitreya and others where you can imbue every information into an object.


Yes it is possible and they exist, I’ve created many audios like that.

Show me how then please?

It’s simple. Just program the energy with your intention when you are making a recording. That’s all it is.


You mean that of a Diety? A Servitor? An Egregore?

Thank you so much for this! May i ask the proper way to use it? Also how do you imbed the intention into this picture?

No need to do while recording altho can be a way to do it. Is like saying put energy in an object meanwhile you are creating the object. Can do after created or meanwhile sure.

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