Reason why subliminals and energetic audios don't work for certain people

I’ve been thinking, why some audios just don’t work for certain people, maybe because the focus is too much on the positive and not the negative? As Maitreya herself said in relation to the subconscious reprogrammer, if you install, I am rich, it will not be enough, if the person believes that he is poor, he has lived his whole life being poor, he does not believe that he can be rich, etc., ultimately, the more resistant and stubborn a person’s mind and subconscious is, the less likely this type of programming is to work. Most audios focus on installing positive programming, whatever it is, but most don’t clean the house first, if the positive is working together with the negative maybe this is the perfect formula for creating an audio that would be effective in practically all people, it’s just a thought of mine.


I understand what you’re saying. From my experience detachment from the process and self help in all aspects in the 3D world is almost as important. Otherwise it can be like obsession over the result while not really doing anything for yourself. In other words accepting and loving yourself as you are right now. And also by loving yourself there is an aspect that you take care of yourself etc . .


There’s another thing your HS and karmic lessons, your hs will block anything that will come in the way of your lessons. Until you learn or fix that the loop cycle will repeat. However, many people have contracts with entities and other things, this could be also the reason for things not working no subliminal no energy nothing will work until the person realise what they have to learn or what they have to fix.


Clear Balance Heal Forgive all timelines past and current turn karma to dharma

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You have to replace x with y, same approach as the subconcious reprogrammer field and that includes old thoughts patterns, stuck emotions, etc.


From my personal experience, months of listening to boosters, cleansing stacks, limit removing audios, mandalas, etc. - nothing helped. Fields would only work moderately for me.

After I spent 7-8 months regularly meditating, chanting a mantra, doing Reiki Star exercise twice a day, and practicing EFT to let go and observe and transform emotions, everything changed for me.

I think if fields are not working, more fields are not the answer. At least in my case, fields did not help at all till I focused on other things. I now use fields as accessories but do not depend on them for anything. Once I stopped depending on them, they started working.