Understanding energetically programming

I need to know more about Energetically Programming. It is very powerful and scares the hell out of me. I have found bits and pieces of information in this forum. What I am look for is a book to understand how it works. How does it all fit together. what are fields?

It’s just magic don’t worry your head about it.

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We have a whole topic for this question:


HI @Maitreya .

Thank you, for explaining the belief of how it works with your mind. I am also looking for how it is applied or programmed. how is the Energetically Programming used to make these changes or what is it called in the world of science. I used one of the Energetically Programmed Audio and it was able to raise my Vibration when I went against Mind. So it not only effect your mind but can cause physical feeling in the body (make me stop). I would like how they are applied and removed and how all your DM works together as a system. I would like to know more about the science. Thank you for your time.

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There is so much knowledge and most important experience behind the programming that you can’t even imagine. It can’t be described just like that with words.

Also, these types of knowledge are not given, because people can be dangerous to themselves. It’s funny, but some don’t even bother to read the description of the fields. Imagine what can happen with those people if they get some ‘more special’ stuff.

Higher beings and extraterrestrials which work and help humans are following everyone’s path, virtues they have made, reactions, intentions… If you can be useful to the world and Earth they will be given to you naturally from higher realms.

If you would like to know more scientifically how the Universe works and such stuff, I can suggest the best source that I have found till now:

Also, if you have decided to search for knowledge on this topic - the first thing is knowing what are your roots and from where you are coming… and then everything else. If you don’t have stable roots and you jump on advanced ‘shiny’ knowledge, you can fall very badly.


Could you tell us more about the roots/origin you are talking about?
Which of your Energetically Programmed Audios would be helpful for that?