Whats the difference between an morphic fields and an energetically programmed Audio?

Whats the difference between an morphic fields and an energetically programmed Audio?


Morphic fields is fields of Biology created by
Rupert Sheldrake.
This is the definition “In the developmental biology of the early twentieth century, a morphogenetic field is a group of cells able to respond to discrete, localized biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures or organs”.

Sapien Med uses diferent techniques to achieve above description.

Energy programmed audios contain clean energy from different frequencies embeded with intentions in the form of hypnosis.


As I was thinking of your question, this understanding came to me:

Programmed Energy/Intention products are like sounds or music, but Morphic Fields are like notes on a page or sheet music.

Morphic Fields are pure instruction on how to achieve a desired outcome, which is why they operate so differently than Programmed Energy/Intention products.

Going back to our analogy, we know that lots of musicians could give different performances based on the same sheet music, each giving their own personal touch to the music, which would slightly change the experience for the listener.

Even if the sheet music specified how loud the performance should be (how strong the energy should be), musicians could interpret that differently and create musical outcomes of different intensity, due to their own perspective. But, the original notes on the page are the same regardless of who’s playing or how they interpret them.

Make sense?

You can’t turn up the volume on sheet music, and having multiple copies of the sheet music on your desk doesn’t change the outcome of the music once played. The instructions within the morphic field simply are what they are.

Reading the sheet music can give you an understanding of what the music would sound like, and maybe you’d understand the concept of the piece, but it would not be the same as listening to someone playing the music itself. Each are different experiences that have their own value.

Likewise, if you’re playing music, then the volume becomes a matter of personal preference. Some like quiet music playing in the background, others like music of a more “normal” volume, and some want very loud music, each for their own valid reasons.

An elderly woman and a teenage boy would have very different preferences for how loud music should be, just as a person sensitive to sounds would want a very different volume than someone who’s hard of hearing.

This is why there cannot be a one-sized fits all approach to the potency/intensity of Programmed Energy/Intention products, because different people will have different preferences based on their own unique needs and desires.


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all of the above is fine and I very much appreciate any explanations that help me improve my experiences with energy fields, subliminals, frequencies, etc. etc.in addition to that let me also say how i understand the different products i use.

Programmed energies are instructions / orders given to the subconscious in energetic form (you know everything has an energetic signature, even information too).

Languages ​​(words and phrases) can mathematically be translated into binary (also called base 2 of the number system which contains only two digits 1 and 0), The numbering system we use every day is the base decimal (or base ten which contains 10 digits from 0 to 9), There are other number bases in this numbering system (octal, hexadecimal).Computers (phone, tablets, etc etc) use binary base / base 2 to do all the operations we want and ask, d therefore the languages ​​are converted into a number system understood by the machines.Namely that each binary code corresponds to signals / frequencies / vibrations / energies / everything to its equivalent in our language / in another system / in another domain / etc etc.

So I was saying that the orders are given to the subconscious in the form of energetic instructions and it is the subconscious that works afterwards to faithfully carry out the orders given without discussing.

Morphine fields are orders given directly to cells / organs / organism / molecules, etc. so that they can act and behave in accordance with the instructions. The Here again the orders are given in the form of energy information (Knowing now that each language can and its equivalent in everything …).

Regarding morphine fields, cells / molecules act in symbiosis like an intelligent and autonomous network, some animals (birds, fish, etc.) behave in this way.

In both cases (programmed energies and morphine fields), it is always a question / the importance is to give orders to cells / molecules / organs in the form of energy instructions. It all depends on where the instructions come from,In the case of programmed energies the instructions are given to the subconscious which subsequently commands (manipulates) the cells / molecules, By doing this it is possible to be confronted with limiting / negative / opposing beliefs to the instructions given to the subconscious.what must be done then, is to remove / replace at the same time these limiting / negative beliefs, (even if it is very difficult to know the limiting / negative beliefs).

Regarding morphine fields, the instructions given to cells / molecules come from an external energy field (or several), And the body can reject this field for one reason or another (either because it is too strong, or because it is too different from its own field of energies, etc etc),so at the same time, you have to find a way to have the Morphine field accepted by your own system.

I’m not trying to show where to say that one method is better than another, because I think both are very powerful and useful depending on goals, people, backgrounds, the entourage, etc etc.

I see the use of programmed energies as a central artificial intelligence (the subconscious) which creates holograms (reality) from a computer program / code (energy instructions).
I see the use of morphine fields as several small autonomous artificial intelligence, a bit like the image of nanotechnologies (cells / molecules) that receive instructions in the form of energetic instructions, in order to create an augmented virtual reality (combination of virtual reality + augmented reality) … So our reality.


And there you have it! Good on ya Mate.


Morphic fields are living organism with consciousness…for example even we and the entire universe is made of that field. It’s a pattern of information. Listening to morphic field is like you are installing a new system in you with new information…energetic programmed audios are programmed energy which is programmed to make changes. It’s like installing a new software stand operating system…if you can understand the lines between these worlds then you’d get my point…



Morphic Fields = Windows 10, Linux, Mac Os.
Energetically Programmed Audios = Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Minecraft, etc.


Another explanation on the differences between Morphic Fields and Energy Fields, this time from an Energy Field creator.