What is the best Maitreya audio to make money?

What do you think is the best audio to get money? I know I can hear them all, but I want to hear as few audios as possible.


I surprised no one had replied here yet. There are so many fields and tools on the store page, gumroad, patreon and other platforms to manifest your desired amount of money. First thing to do will be to clear any resistance and negative beliefs regarding money, wealth, and your accumulation of it. The subconscious reprogrammer is an advanced tool that can help you there. Second step would be to manifest your desire for money and wealth. There are fields for money and wealth on patreon. Do you want to shift into a reality where you possess your wealth? The reality shifter mandala works best. Want to write your desired specific reality to your chosen in a notebook that manifests it into reality? The reality notebook works best. There are more tools as well and the more tools you use the easier it is too see results. Last step is to detach from your desire. A big resistance to manifesting anything is that you will look TOO HARD to see the effects which makes you think that you haven’t manifested already; let that shit go!!! There is a let go/ detachment audio on Maitreya’s YouTube page. Whatever you desire to manifest, remember that the only thing blocking you from your desired reality is yourself!




Or plenty of people do and nobody talks about it?

You think a powerful psychic is gonna go around and say

“Hey, I can destroy casinos in a week and rob them”?

Both of them can be a millionaire in a few days, maybe they already are or a personal preference not to.

Nothing more powerful than a human psychic in this world.


You’re not looking at it the correct way. All the tools can do it. The tools are there to change your beliefs. That’s it.

It’s all about your beliefs. If you belief yourself a wealthy person who can win big amounts, you will be.

Simple. Well sounds simple. But I bet right now you have a million limiting beliefs coming out right now., no way, can’t be that simple, doesn’t work like that, blah blah blah x100000

People stay away from promising money manifestations because of this reason. All the negative Nancies don’t believe it, then it gets bad reviews and everyone says it doesn’t work. So why bother ?


Anything psychic, third eye opening (astral vision) or lucid dreaming even.

Or the spiritual converter mandala and make a demon deal for wealth and power.

insert sinister music

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i saw many youtuber do this and suffer a lot after doing some even have millions of subs :smiley:


Well, why go make a deal with a demon for money lol? And why money anyway? I understand people want a lot of money but its just that, paper with famous people on them. Why not instead of manifesting a million dollars manifest a mansion, sports cars, private jet, or whatever you desire. If you want money for status and prestige you can manifest it but understand that everything is energy, and so is money. How many people desire money? Do you think if only 10 people were desiring to win the lottery right now and you were one of them, with the use of these tools how easy it would be to win compared to millions of beings desiring that same thing? Plus im sure if people were manifesting millions of dollars with these tools, would they really share much even just to strangers on the internet? Just my thought on the subject


Wow so this is really a thing that people on YT use demons for subs. I always thought they just say this to attract like goths etc.

  • Money is a reflection of what self-worth you give to yourself. (not what others say, not what your parents told you, etc.)
  • The sexual energy and proper direction of it
  • Beliefs that don’t block your income,

but from all above, the first is most important.

Also one more thing - most people want money, but they don’t know what they want to do.
Then they get some high position in big company and feel again unhappy…

First thing is to know what you want to do, that you will like and don’t get negative feelings from it.


If I listen to an audio in 144p quality does it affect the results or does it still have the same power?

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Same power :slight_smile: