Most Powerful Abundance/Wealth Field(s)?

Dear @Maitreya , @Genius

Which of these wealth attraction/mindest fields do you recommend as the BEST one (or two) or most powerful one for daily listening?

  • Win Lottery and Attract Money
  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Gate of Abundance
  • Charge Abundance Energy in Your Home
  • Abundance and Wealth 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings
  • Attract Wealth - Fast Manifestation with Theta BrainWawes (ver. 02 BOOSTED)
  • ?

I have all of these via Patreon and/or purchased boosted version.
My goal is to shorten my daily listening stack but still get maximum possible results longterm. Thank you in advance.


Guess I wont give any input since you asked the admin to respond lol.

You are more than welcome to provide your recommendation as well :slightly_smiling_face: :v:


If you dont have clear how to make the money
or how you want to … mystery box is cool


neville goddard is imagining while going to sleep right?

how do you manage to fall into sleep doing that?

No, Neville is about feeling of the end result and holding that feeling.


Sure!! thats why, to the box u can say what u want without expectations and u will see unexpected ways that opens more your mind seeing the endless possibilities


Also if the universe takes care on the how but you are adding things to make it happen (the how) listening audios… Seems like you think you need to do something


Semi off topic

Can you share your exact words when asking for this using the mystery box?


You can say to the box, show me a way i will love a lot and enjoy making money…

Have fun, experiment, but the trick is no expectations


So you say to the universe i want this bring to me…but the audios is the way? Dont let the universe work with all the how?


So if u know the way maybe the universe thinks you dont need any help😉

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Yeah thats why i think is important what u feel how you will win the money or how you want, so if u think will be lottery then use that audio, if you prefer work for it millionarie mindset, for general gate of abundance and fast wealth

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i wonder,

how about the "mandala manager + storage method " to link the energy of the audios above, so its like the audios play 24/7?


Each person will have different results, so defining potent its complicated bcs its quite subjective


Maitreya usually says follow your intuition… Bcs all what u need to know is inside of you already, trust in you and your intuition


It would be nice if Maitreya will also make, Gate of Luck, Gate of Wealth, Gate of Prosperity

Gate of abundance is for abundance of all good things, not just money, its abundance of love, luck, etc


Don’t forget about Life Coach, it helps you find the best ways and take the best actions to create abundance, sources of income, etc… while also clearing all the blockages (conscious, subconscious and energetic) and getting rid of everything that’s in the way of your success.

p.s. it does that not just for abundance and wealth, but every area of your life


maitreya had done a spiritual retreat in the mountains for about a month where she meditated a lot and did a lot of spiritual work. thus she reached deeper levels of consciousness.after reaching more advanced levels, she upgraded (updated) all the fields she had created before, and she created a new equally advanced field. what I mean is that in this field list all the fields are very powerful because they have all been upgraded.

Of course they have different approaches. And according to me I think the best or one of the best is: Gate of Abundance.
Gate of Abundance contains a love bomb, and just with that you can already see your wealth manifesting, but the pendant has much more than a love bomb.

add : It has also been said that metal pendants hold a lot more energy, so I imagine it is possible to go much further in the amounts and level of energy on a metal compared to audio for example.