Better audios to end fear

I need audios to end my fear, Maiteya and Sapiens have not given me any results, I have the fearlessness mandala, I have the cleaning of subconscious beliefs and also the internal resistance dissolver, and yet, nothing changes in relation to fear, I’ve tried all of Maitreya’s fear-related audios and none changes anything, I’ve also tried cleaning sapiens amidgala and nothing changes, I need audio suggestions that don’t come from either of these two creators, I didn’t come to this universe to be afraid constantly.

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Have you tried this field from SZ? He has a few fields (eradicate Anxiety, and heal all V2.0 physical/mental/emotional/psychosomatic) which would help reduce or eliminate your fear- they have helped reduce mine quite a bit since using them.


Also, sometimes the best way to eradicate our fear(s) is to allow ourselves to feel that fear to heal it, but during that process it is important to do so with self-compassion and understanding. Identify the root causes of your fears and face them head on- at the end of the day we have the capacity to overcome any challenges that life throws at us, and perhaps, the fear may never truly go away completely. However, our ability to respond to that fear can improve and the ability we have to support ourselves in a kind and loving way, knowing that we live in a world where it is understandable to feel afraid at times but we have the inner power to face our fears head on and the more we take action in spite of the presence of fear, the greater our ability to show that fear who is boss is going to be. :pray:


thank you for the tips.

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Try it with PTSd from sapiens (on patreon) and make sure your breathing comes from belly.

(and everything that has with detachment to do)

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I’m sure they do but…

Especially with things like ascension tag, watch out of your resources, you gonna need it.

(subliminals cost you a lot of resources compared to well made energetic stuff)


@DarkMatter Check tarot cards, some people told me they had serious impact.

And keep you inner world clean and constantly do cleaning, fear and any other low vibrational stuff doesn’t exist for the real you.

(means, there are “dark” being behind that trigger it to feed of)


I also have all that stuff (and way more how i can increase)

This is not how it works, you will see. No matter how “strong” you are, it will always drain something out and will be not effective.

It’s mainly because of the outdated technology - words or affirmation need a lot of “conversion” to get used, no matter what kind of “technology”, method or whatever you believe in. The closer the language of your higher self (which is more conceptually psychic information) = less conversion which means better usage.


No, not at all sorry thats nosense, words or affirmation are part of a more dense dimension and not close to your higher self at all. It’s actually more a “ego” based language. Psychic fields with proper subliminals are actually not bad if well made but just pure subliminals are awful.
(pls dont come to the idea to tell me “those subliminals are different”)

Yes like i said, they work. Just not optimal. Again this has nothing with how much u think u can handle or not - it just cost you resources. Actually maitreya and sapiens does that too.

It’s not like i couldn’t handle this at all but no matter what kind of energylevel you at - it will drain always more because of it’s technology.

Subliminals are outdated and…

************************ :smiley:

And no i don’t have blockages etc, i got fast results from subliminals too…

There is just not a real good reason why anyone should use that if you have sapien and maitreya.

Sigh…u have the magi pendant, USE IT!

Sapien called it for a reason like that and it’s one of his most powerful field ever but only in the right hands.


Is it really stronger if you print it more??

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Literally everything what we talk about.

Yea okay whatever, the way how you interpret it… oO

Just let me tell you every subliminals becomes completely useless if know how to charge yourself and hold a conceptual idea properly with the magi pendant. (and then save it obv)

(i garantuee you if the answer is it doesn’t work well like with subliminals you don’t know how)

It was you that said the higher self is “unlimited strong” right?

Put an “OM” subliminal and run it

run sapiens or maitreyas “OM”

and best, chant it on yourself for 20-30min and you will see what the problems with subliminals are, it’s actually VERY obvious.

You do whatever you want and it’s of course your desicion but honestly i don’t want a newcomer thinking you can have with subliminals “similar” results like with dreams or maitreya stuff.

Do you know this story?

“And then xtrememind rapidly went away. Why? Bad karma? Losing massive customers to Dale/DW more consistent work? Who knows.”

Why do you think they lost all their customer to dale and DW?


And this…i don’t know how many times i said it but that’s IMPOSSIBLE if you understand how conceptual thinking works.

You also can have one for teleportation and claim the field will not work.

And now pls back to topic

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Well, let’s remember the environmental context that you’re living in. We discussed not too long ago that any time you play fields that add love to the environment, your family members overreact to generate a bunch of negativity to counteract the energy work you did. I suggested that this is due to negative entities that are taking up residence, either in your space or in your family members.

So, you live in a sea of fear which is being maintained as such by your family members. Unless you are able to get your family members on board with changing from fear to love, from dark to light, I don’t see that environmental influence changing. So, if that’s the case, then you have to focus on two things:

  1. Shield yourself from the negative influences around you
  2. Strengthen yourself so you’re more resilient

Are you currently using any Shielding sigils, mandalas, tags, audios, etc?

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@d.b & @JAAJ you are both off-topic and derailing this thread, which should be about helping @DarkMatter work through his struggles with fear.

Instead, you’re arguing about Subliminals. If you want to do that, please either create a thread for it, or take it to Private Messages.

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Actually not to far away as it seems.

I saw him often spamming stuff and then reading that he feels “drained out”…

@JAAJ @DarkMatter

have you tried sapien’s ego elimination and sapien’s higher self connection fields?

Yes I do, I don’t think the problem here is lack of protection, but the badness of people.

Okay, so focusing on strengthening yourself it is. Have you used MF’s Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps?

This audio will restore your etheric body and close all aura gaps. It will make your aura super strong. With that the field will find all projections from others in you and will remove them. The “empty space” from removing the projections will be filled with unconditional love and after that you can choose what to feel and think by yourself, not by other people’s thoughts and emotions. After this clearing you will know for sure what is Yours and what is a projection from others.

Field will create an energetic shield for other people’s emotions and negative energy.

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Try this 2-3x daily (or more)

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