Best field to manifest wanted reality

Hi gals and guys,

Now there are many fields to manifest reality - wealth, love, seduction, etc.

Which is the simplest and best field (Maitreya or other creators) for beginners according to you? Thanks for your advice.

Various creators are now going to have holiday sale so I wanted to buy some fields, but there are so many and I am confused.

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Manifestation is a creation process. The best thing for beginners to do is to grow themselves - to become more powerful creators. When you do, manifestation will become easy, automatic, effortless.


So then, why these tools? If we go about the classic spiritual way of developing oneself through sheer hard effort? Or, these tools/fields/mandalas are not much of use unless one develops oneself? If one already has good energy development, are these tools then even needed?


It’s not all or nothing. I’m telling you the best way to achieve your goal, it’s simply not the way you wanted or expected.

Tools make growth easier, so you can let go of the “sheer hard effort” expectation if you’d like.


For me personally, I do agree with alot of what @NotFrank is saying. I always get the things I don’t care about. Wealth has always came easy to me, because I never cared about it. I was, gratefully and humbly so, born into an environment where this could flourish. However, I always struggled with relationships with others, especially females and the harder I tried the more frustrated and less results I got.

I learned a lesson when I became incredibly committed to celibacy at one point in my life. It wasn’t nothing notable for many, but for me it was a milestone, 2 months + of bramacarya, constant meditation daily, pure thoughts and respectfully so…pretty much any girl I would have wanted came on to me aggressively. I almost laugh at myself now about it, considering it feels like I regressed in that mindset. It’s like the universe tests us. If we truly deny the “need” for something in our hearts spiritually, it will come. I don’t know why things are like this, it’s just abundance mindset. Craving something pushes it away, feeling happy, whole, complete without it, makes it run towards you. It’s a mean contradiction, So that being said I recommend 1000 Abundance beliefs.

EDIT: Okay, so I did some more thinking. The “Feeling” of want/desire needs to go away. “want” is lack. When you think you lack you are not one with god/the universe/whatever you want to call it. Because if you really were one with your divine nature, you would not want/desire/lack anything because you are complete as you are. You just are. (I Am)

and fields help us establish the mindset for these things. Think of people who have wealth and don’t use fields but get money like its nothing. Or the people who attract lovers with no effort. It’s not about using an energy to manifest a reality - it’s about using these energy gifts to establish the mindset that that reality is already ours.


I agree with not Frank.

You are a creator being … the only thing stopping you creating is limiting beliefs.

We attract what we are. If you feel lacking in an area, then you attract more lack. If you feel abundant in an area then you attract more abundance in that area. (Why do you think rich people get richer ?)

Clean your energy then you get instant manifestation.

Easier than it sounds though.

Because cleaning your beliefs & energy is a lifetime process.

The cleaner your energy is, the higher your vibration is naturally.

My suggestion is to start clearing everything and anything constantly.

Go and read the thread about “Vibration of Creation “ on the sapien forum - a lot of gem information there.


can you give example statements that that doesnt show “wanting/lack”
for example material things desire is " I want a car "

Or just wear higher purpose mandala?

You get to be an ape and have reality handed to you by that quantum freak existing outside time and space.



Thank you this @JAAJ

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