Ultimate energy/emotional overload?

It’s been a long time, this is definitely not the way I would like to be coming back, but again a post about issues, I’ve been away from the community and camps for several months, all to try to resolve my power overload issues, but it just doesn’t it ends, even if I never use any field or subliminal again these effects just don’t go away. I am constantly under inhuman levels of anxiety and stress, any minor day-to-day annoyance is enough to send me on edge, I can’t deal with the hassles of my job anymore, negative adrenaline and agitation consume me throughout the day , my only moment of peace is when I’m sleeping, I’ve tried all approaches to solve this, anti depressants don’t work, physical exercises don’t work, even if I exercise until I can’t take it anymore this adrenaline and negative stress doesn’t go away, it doesn’t go away not at all, i became aggressive and with destructive tendencies, i have never been an aggressive person all my life, i am losing my hair, i am 22 years old, my father is almost 60 years old and he still has hair, it can’t be due to genetics, I already tried all the fields to solve this, review doesn’t work, and even if I stop the fields for months like I said it doesn’t work either, my system is so fried that it doesn’t want to be and recover more, suicidal tendencies cross my mind because it just won’t end, it’s been years in the same situation, I’m not blaming any breeder, because I don’t know exactly how it started.


I have most of the things you said and i have some questions to ask. Did you always have this situation? if not what year did it start? There are tons of people in this situation after the covid-19 pandemic. covid-19 is a very underestimated virus and it has such effects on the body, especially in young people. Such as some form of overactive sympathetic nervous system or nervous system damage. Neither antidepressants nor the existing fields of the creators improve this situation. Also a powerful psychic told me that covid-19 is doing more harm to the human body than science has ever discovered.
I was also an anxiety sufferer but after the covid 19 pandemic i am going through what you went through.

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I would also like to add that. I will start using sz nervous system audio and anxiety audio from tomorrow and i will not use anything else.
I recommend you take a look it is free.

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Very interesting articles, no, this situation hasn’t happened forever, it all started in the middle of 2020, the pandemic had already started, I was never the same after that, the mysterious thing about it all is that I only actually contracted covid during the the middle of this year, I recovered without major problems and no apparent sequelae, I have been using audios and fields since 2016, I have used many fields and this has never happened to me, but after the middle of 2020 everything became so strange, I will use the review for several days to see if it does anything, and then maybe listen to the field for the nervous system, it might be worth looking into.

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I think it is due to the problem that covid-19 has created in your nervous system. I think everything will be fine when the nervous system is completely healed. Just don’t lose hope, I didn’t. Even if this audio doesn’t work, there are two other reliable creators who are planning to make a field especially for nervous system restoration against the effects of covid-19. I’ll let you know when fields are available.

Also, Maitreya has a nervous system field. I personally did not get the effect I wanted for this situation, but maybe you will because most people are different.


I will recommend to you something that has worked for me recently,

It is called ‘dry fasting’, the goal is to let the body heal by himself, you don’t drink and eat.

I’ve done a seven dry fast and I have seen an improvment in my health like no other fields, by the same occasion it changes my diet to a plant based diet. It has a physical effects of detox but also spiritual and emotional effects,you are more grateful for life and little things.

Maitreya said that she practice dry fasting 1-2 a year, the body is very intelligent and know how to ‘heal’ itself.

I will link three different people on youtube to help you understand and do your research,

If you do this I recomment to you to begin with 1 day, then after some time 2 day etc…


I’m used to doing long fasts, I’ve done 4-day fasts only on water, it’s really invigorating for health, but it wasn’t enough to solve this problem, however I’ve never done more than 1 day of fasting without drinking water , I can try.

I had also done 4 days on water but didn’t help much

Dry fast is way more powerful for healing since it you body will need to find water

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2 days into the review, I feel calmer in general, fight or flight situations still happen over simple things, but I can feel that when nothing bad is happening I feel calmer. It is recommended that the mandala be used for only 1 or 2 days, but I will make a commitment for at least 1 week, it does not hurt to try to use it for a longer period of time. I do not rule out that part of the reason for my current state could be due to covid 19, but so many things have happened during these 2 years that I would say that it is a sum of everything, I suffered serious spiritual obsessions, the matter has already been resolved, but it seems that sequels still left, my family situation was not good, however that too has now been resolved, but it seems that my past keeps haunting me, I lost the love of my life because of all these situations, and I will never get a second chance, never again I’ll have a chance to show her how much I loved her and that I would do anything for her, I’m hurting everyone I love. I can’t do anything with other women, so I have to resort to call girls to have sex, cold, empty sex without affection, but I can’t even do that anymore because the money is gone. I ended up developing anhedonia, I lost interest in practically everything I liked, I’m at home daydreaming and I end up just listening to repeated songs or anything to pass the time, the fields helped me to stay optimistic and hope that a better future would come, they also helped me a little financially, but I can’t use them anymore, I finally got the pa I wanted so much, but I lost everything I had in the process. A friend told me to go through a similar situation, it seems that both he and I have lost the feeling of danger, when I go through a life or death situation I am simply not afraid, afraid, nothing, I am simply not afraid of anything else, anyway , this is already too long, sorry I just talk too much, I feel a little better but hair still falling out at an alarming rate, at this rate in 3 months or less I’ll be totally bald, I’ll try dry fasting but I can’t promise nothing, I don’t know if I have the same determination as in the past to face long fasts, and I leave a warning, beware of covid 19, do not underestimate it, it may seem like a weak virus but it is much darker than it appears, keep a good diet and especially Vitamin D above 50 nanograms.

My personal opinion:

Covid is overstimated. I took it last year voluntarily to avoid the green pass. 1 week of pain in the left of the neck, 2 months to recover fully and that’s all. All family included was fine.

I think you need to relax and try exercises for respiration. At this moment I’m opening my third eye and trust me, it is not a mountain trip. I lost many nights wrapped in electric discharge and every field for me was too much for energetic sensitivity. Even the talk of the neighbors downstairs was excessive. Plus, i’m doing the Reiki Star Ultimate exercise, and only after 10 breaths, I feel electricity in my hands.

When you want to improve your energy, you need also to learn how to decrease voluntarily.
I’m studying how Chi, Jing and Shen work and I suggest to you to do the same.

However, my suggestion to feel better:

  • Use field of nervous system and cardiovascular system.
  • Add belly respirations during the day: inhale with noise, exhale with mouth. Slowly.
  • I think you have a problem of self love and addiction of dopamine, so use them.
  • Have a warrior mind. I was born with it, but if you need use the archetype from yt or one of the DMs.
  • Cut cords with everyone. At least 3 times at day for 3 different people.
  • Meditate at least 3 times a day for 5 minutes using a timer.

Most important:

  • Stay here in the forum, we are happy to help.
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Did you think to change your job? I have a feeling of stuck energy / or a place where you don’t want to be from a very long time.

People mostly lack energy when they don’t follow their soul mission / excitement.

Also, FIRE BREATHING will be good for you. You need to put more fire in your system as you need more fire to solve some of the problems you got.


I may not know what I want but I know exactly what I don’t want, no more living with my mum, both need to take responsibility for their actions, I’m grateful for everything she’s done for me, but it’s time to each to follow his own path, more coexistence will not do any good. Of course, I want to change jobs, but it’s not that simple to find an offer, I’ll try fire breathing, and if possible burnout audio.


Yeah, increase the fire within you and things will start clearing/pushing you to change, but also you will have the power and strength to do it.

It’s not a good choice to take responsibility for the parents and their problems. There is one very powerful method that is dealing with this - Family Constellations. The point there is to put you in the right place and to help some people to don’t take responsibility for their parents from harmful love/or loyalty.

Kids receive, Parents give and this is how the energy flows.


Doing the fire breath in combination with cold shower should be a good combo to unleash drive and self-healing processes.


I keep my fingers crossed for you. I’ve been the same. My parents were like my children and I felt responsible for them even when I moved out ages ago. We’ve emigrated to different country and I had to learn a language quickly to be able to help everyone with translations. They became d on me for even small things. It got me to the point when I felt overused, a slave. I love my parents but for my whole life, I can’t say I felt safe. I have carried their emotional burden since my birth. I had to learn to say “No, you have to do it yourself”. It brought a lot of guilt. It was a hard lesson for us. And I was almost 30 when I decided to finally be their child. A few years later we still learning but our family bonds are stronger. We are like a good team. Because I’m the strongest person in my family atm I’m still the leader. One of the things I had to accept it when I went through my ascension.
I’ve noticed that recently many people went through personal hell and they had to accept their Shadow Side. It was like a storm in my family as well. My dad became suicidal. And I couldn’t interfere because he had to deal with his darkness and pain himself. My boyfriend got nuts and I almost gave up on him.

I hope whatever you’re going through you’ll forgive yourself, accept everything and heal whatever needs to be healed. This will make much more space inside of you for more Light. Take care!


I’m sorry for what you went through, we can say that they are similar situations, but my case is my fault, I wanted to take responsibility for matters that weren’t mine, I kind of am that way, it was a case of a son who couldn’t stand to see the his mother’s suffering and took it upon himself. This stopped my life for 4 years, and it didn’t help either party, I lost the love of my life because of this, because I couldn’t take on a relationship, now that I felt ready it was too late, loneliness consumes me, I think the At this point soulmate attraction audio is my best bet.

Good luck! I’m sure You’ll find your soulmate. This field was so strong that I attracted the One. I wanted a warrior and I’ve got one. I got exactly what I asked for. He’s in the army, currently away, risking his life, no touch with him and I feel like back in the middle ages, waiting for him to back home :rofl::face_with_peeking_eye:
So if you want to have a girlfriend who will be with you every day, make sure she has some stable or boring job :sweat_smile:The only one thing you have to let go is your loneliness. And that’s the hardest part. The art of letting go field is always my first choice when I’m too needy.


A little update, my current playlist is:
Release burnout
Attract money and win loterry
and attract soulmate
Along with some audios created by me to solve health problems, Release burnout has helped me enormously, it has made me a lot calmer and calmer, win lottery and attract money helped me to get a job, but exactly what I didn’t want lol, months ago using this field I got an extremely similar job offer, and now again this, the universe wants me to work in sales anyway lol, but I just don’t want that, I’m not a good salesperson, I can’t depend completely from a job where I need to make sales to make a profit. I can’t say much about soulmate audio, I don’t have any specific intentions, I’ll wait a while to see if this way works, regardless of everything, this field makes me feel very good.