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I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m worse every day, the doctors can’t find the cause, I’m more tired and weaker every day, to the point where I can hardly do anything anymore, I sleep all day and it’s still not enough, I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve tried every possible approach and no help at all. I’ve tried all kinds of morphic fields and audios and nothing helps, I thought maybe it was the amount of audios I use, but I’ve stopped listening to fields for days and my situation only gets worse. My friends had dreams about an entity draining my energy, but I don’t know if it’s true, I used all the shields and protections I could think of and nothing helps, I need help, some medium on this forum who can analyze my situation and determine the What’s happening.


I think you need to start reading Neville Goddard… and learning about how we create our own realities. No one can give you the answer. YOU are your answer, the answer comes from within.


did you try the revision md ?

Have you tried nervous system regeneration and balancing?

I’m sure that’s not the question

I don’t know how to deal with you guys who talk so much about neville goddard, I just know that the more I hear about him the less I feel like researching him and becoming one of you. It’s just these bcs you guys talk about lol, I know the answers come from the inside, I know that, but you just relativize it to anything and all people’s problems and it doesn’t make any sense. So if you’re sick, don’t go to a doctor, don’t seek help, because the answer is inside lol, I’ve already tried to find the answer from within, if I’m here it’s because I couldn’t, I wouldn’t try to ask for help without seeking the solution. But as the world is and living beings are, we are communicative beings who need each other, if someone has a necessary skill and you don’t have it, you ask that person for help or pay them to help you. Frankly, I don’t need to hear these bullshits with every post I make asking for help.


I like your point. New age guru always talk about self help, toxic positivity and their community is so toxic. Whenever someone meet a problem, they say things like go find within and limitless…etc.
They never become a problem solver and always say shit.
If they are so powerful, they must be fly or go through wall or go to the moon smthg.
I think we are limitless but in a source level, not in a human body. And human body can be fcked up by many problems.


Yes, it’s downright annoying.


I think u should pm Maitreya and Sapien, maybe they can find problem in energetic level.
But keep going with a real life doctor aswell.
I hope you will get better soon.



You should contact Brenda. Maybe she can help


@DarkMatter when your problem started?
Could it be a case of too much fields?
Maybe a problem with your nerveous system or an overload of your energetic system?

A lot of people talk a lot about “Brenda” in this forum and in Sapien’s
who is she?

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You can buy this or save the image (buying is extra strength).


Print 3 of these and stack together and wear it 24/7. (Or print 1-2 if you buy extra strength)

If it still doesnt work after a week or two then pm me.


AHA, So PI is Samurai-approved too!


A little over 1 month ago, yes overdose is a possible explanation, but I didn’t do anything different, I usually keep a consistent amount of tapping per day.

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Go for PI Patreon. He has the XS version on there


Yes I will


PI is really good, I always trust him.

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