Infinity energy

I know I have already made several similar posts, but I finally understood the cause of my problem, I have excess energy, it all started because of an audio I made for myself a few years ago, an audio to have infinite energy, I was super excited about the results and I didn’t imagine it would be this powerful, the first few weeks were wonderful and I had a lot of energy. But then the problems appeared, this energy was accumulating in my system and causing problems, I just have to sit in an armchair with my arms leaning against the supports so that in less than 30 minutes my left arm is tingling and numb, this also happens when I try to sleep facing left, I can’t because my left arm tingles, I didn’t have this problem before the audio started so I know it’s because of it. I’ve tried everything, I know people always suggest this but as I always say in my posts, I’ve already tried grounding! I’ve used grounding fields, I’ve ground myself even without using fields in real life, and it doesn’t work, I’ve already tried throwing my energy away in every way, but nothing works, it seems like it builds up faster than me I can expel, I can expel as much as I want and in several minutes the energy is already there back, fields of energetic blocks do not solve this, as I had tried everything I wanted to start doing falun dafa, a type of gong, I I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but I had a small house, as I moved recently I started as soon as I moved, I was convinced that falun dafa would definitely be the solution to end this once and for all. But to my amazement the results were completely opposite! As more and more blocks are removed from my system my body gets more energy, and that just made it worse! Now not only is my left arm going numb but so is my right. I have already used Maitreya’s total reset mandala, and it doesn’t help either, I programmed it so that the results are permanent, and are in the DNA, I used it many months so it’s unlikely to reverse this, but I don’t know what to do to make my system be able to handle all that energy.


It was a subliminal?

energetic audio.

Well if you can do by yourself you can ty different approaches made by you as you did this, i put a couple of examples bcs i don’t know what you have tried exactly of this:

  • make one for have limited energy not infinite.

  • make one for send your excess energy automatically somewhere, can be a cloud that stores that energy and you can use it when needed.

So the point is you have many options, u can move the excess energy, you can block it, you can transform it, you can use it, you can amplify you energetic capabilities… or a mix of all with an automated grounding… anything your intuition says can be best for you


Really really good suggestions dude.


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Wow, you seem to be a pretty great energy creator. Once you refine your skills, you may be the next big thing!!


Replace “infinite” with “ideal”, “best”, “whatever is within the highest & greatest good of all”, etc.

It is common to think more is better, but as you have learned the hard way, it most definitely is not. The ideal amount is better. Adjust yourself accordingly.


I like the approach, but that could be from zero amount to any subconscious belief of what is the highest/greatest good for all. Not bad i mean, depends if one prefers use automatic mode or manual.


Well, if you limit the definition to only what is in your subconscious mind, then yes that would be foolish. But, why limit your results to that? Why not what is best for all in the opinion of the entirety of the realm of Spirit?

Or, said another way, would it be ideal to define what is ideal based on your limited understanding as a human? Or, would it be ideal to define what is ideal based on a complete picture of the harmony of all things working together towards the ultimate Divine purpose for creation itself?

If you ask me, the very words ideal/best/highest & greatest mean they can’t be limited by any lack, or they’re not ideal/best/highest & greatest.

Make sense?


This thread gave me really great ideas on how to create an innovative field related to energy, but I won’t create it now, it will be more in the future, maybe I’ll suggest it in the brainstorming game, who knows.

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Yeah totally, good sharing

My hunch was really right, one of my problems was excess energy, after Frank’s work I had a big unlock in my system, I’ve had a lot more results in any field, in a way I don’t think I ever had before. However, I couldn’t take advantage of it, since it was practically unbearable to listen to any field, as I mentioned in another post, any field gave me a lot of headache, I felt very bad, my emotions were very shaken and the stress was extremely high, for because of so much energy my mind was also extremely agitated, causing several obsessive and repetitive thoughts, I think, I already had so much energy that my system could not assimilate any more fields, this caused headaches and other problems. But this didn’t just happen in the fields, but also in any physical activity, the stress of walking a few hours a day was so great that I was about to go crazy, this post was forgotten by me after posting it, I had thought that maybe it really had nothing to do with it. But I decided to investigate the matter further, without much time to think and in a bit of haste I created a version 2, now infinite energy has been replaced by balanced, maybe it’s not the best option among the several that have been suggested, but I don’t I had a lot more time to think and I wanted to go to something safer. It seems that it is really helping me in a few days of listening, I feel that I am releasing all the excess and balancing my energy, I would get any part of the body extremely numb if stopped in one position for a short time, but that also doesn’t happen anymore, my My mind is much calmer and calmer, and my mood is much more consistent, unless I try too hard, which I still can’t do. I’m using a few fields as a test and with each passing day the headache they caused seems to gradually decrease, but it’s still not enough, I’ll wait at least 1 month using this audio every day, if it’s had a big improvement I’ll continue to use, if the improvement stops I will create a more adapted version 3, but for now the results are positive and I am optimistic. I have already used the review, permanent results integrator, and nothing has been able to remove it from my system, because they were permanent and profound changes, I wanted it to be this way myself, I was confident and did not expect such side effects, so I recorded the changes in my DNA and soul, so no revision has been able to resolve the situation. Here’s a tip for anyone going through similar situations, any audio or mandala of review, deletion, cleaning, or whatever will not solve your problem if the changes made it to your DNA, any revision is just a kind of deeper cleaning , it won’t return you to the way you were when you were born, and it can’t completely remove all audio results. You need to find a solution, accurately identify the problem and make a replacement and not deletion, if it’s less, put more, if it’s more, put less, replace and find the balance, find the problem and use the best tool you can find to solve it . At least a few dozen people have used this audio and no one has reported similar issues, it’s ironic that the creator himself suffered such side effects.


Can you please share the second version of the audio? I happen to be very low on energy.