Trauma, Incident & Limiting Belief Clearing

Trauma, Incident & Limiting Belief Clearing

This field clears all traumas and incidents, resulting in the removal of limiting beliefs, negative subconsciousness beliefs and fears, and results in a higher, more clear awareness level, and higher level of consciousness.

Clear all traumas and incidents resulting from:

  • physical violence against the body, severe accidents, illness

  • emotional trauma (harassment, embarrassment, humiliation, deprivation)

  • social traumas (slander, ex-communication, divorce, poverty)

  • spiritual/religious traumas

  • any form of unconsciousness (including surgery)

  • prenatal development incidents (incidents before birth)

  • ancestral line content (incidents passed on from ancestors)

  • witnessing (observing or experiencing murder, rape, robbery, fighting, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc)

  • picked up from other people (this is common with empaths)

For every trauma and incident, clear:

  • thoughts and decisions (what decisions/postulates you made because of the incident)

  • emotions and feelings (what you felt during the incident or because of the incident)

  • actions and impulses to move, and your body language (during the incident)

  • bodily sensations (what you physically felt during the incident, or feel after the incident as somatics)

Clear all of these elements on the following levels:

  • this lifetime or another (all possible lifetimes that each incident has occurred) - “physical energy”

  • it’s counterpart in a previous or different universe (every incident is stored in this universe and others) - “mental energy”

  • it’s third counterpart, not in any universe entirely - “spiritual energy”

What are traumas and incidents?

Traumas are painful incidents or events that place a large amount of stress on the mind. As a result, a person decides that he or she must never resist the incident - as it would be too painful. At the time of an incident or trauma, a person also makes other decisions - usually both about others, and about themselves. This creates limiting beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough” or “it’s not safe to trust others”. Many traumas also result in phobias - such as the fear of heights, or fear of guns, etc - and can even cause psychological issues such as schizophrenia. Many traumas result in bad habits to avoid feelings of panic and anxiety.- such as cigarette smoking, using drugs, alcohol, biting nails, eating disorders, stuttering, and many other symptoms.

This also results in a personal no longer functioning at full brain capacity. The reason is that part of the brain processing mechanism is shut down, or altered in some way. This is also due to lost “attention units” which is explained in the next section.

Why is clearing trauma and incidents so important?

A traumatic event can be with or without injury, with or without unconsciousness, with or without a shock-moment - and it can even be from any big loss, or the threat of a big loss. It can be from any form of abuse, pain, a near-death experience or anything that threatens a person’s survival.

In a traumatic event, the previously free-floating unfocused and unstructured awareness energy-field of the person suddenly gets narrowed down, compressed, and frozen in space and time - into a small “eternal here and now”. The wave has collapsed - and the field becomes a dense energy field, a “stuck energy cloud”. Everything from the incident is stored in this recording - every sense and memory and arenas - all the thoughts, feelings, sensations, environment, possible consequences for the future - and even, if there were other people involved, their viewpoints of the event as well.

The purpose of this stuck energy cloud is to keep the person safe in the future. If a similar incident seems to start happening again, the content of this recording gets activated, and tried to warn the person though all channels available - thoughts, emotions and body sensations. This is why is can have such a negative impact on your daily life and wellbeing - because these recordings from past incidents affect your thoughts, emotions, and your mental and physical wellbeing.

When we experience an incident or traumatic experience - a part of our consciousness remains stuck in that incident, called attention units, or thought energy. Every time we experience some form of trauma or unconsciousness, we lose attention units - therefore losing a bit more of our own awareness in present time. The reason that attention units can get locked up or absorbed by problems and events in the past, is that something was unresolved - or there was an incomplete cycle. A cycle of action of some kind was still ongoing, possibly in a loop - the same sequence over and over. However, when these traumas and incidents are cleared, our attention units become unfrozen - allowing us access to more energy, consciousness and awareness.

Traumas, incidents and unconsciousness result in the following:

  • stuck patterns, subconscious beliefs and programs

  • unconsciousness in present time / lost “attention units”

  • present time health problems, pains, aches

Healing reactions in energetic trauma release:

There may be healing reactions during trauma release, also known as purification reactions, healing crisis, reversals, retracing, exacerbations, aggravations, or flare-ups. This is simply a part of trauma release and will pass. The “requirements” listed above, such as nutrition, sleep and grounding, will assist in trauma release without healing reactions.




I played this three times, and right as the third play-through was finishing, I felt a shift. I felt an adjustment happen, and now I feel lighter, happier, and maybe you could say playfully optimistic? It’s hard to describe, as there were no thoughts involved in this process.

Also, whatever it was that was released/cleared, I didn’t have to consciously experience any of it, which is a HUGE plus for trauma work.

Thank you for this gem Maitreya.


Are the paid versions 3x strength, as usual?


Yup, Gumroad and website.
I just added to the field a lot of unconditional love and feeling of wholeness so people can use it more time without the “crisis”. Past experiences can go through your head, but I added to clear automatically these emotions and to make them neutral experiences.


I was thinking about what the last field I should load into my storage item. And lo and behold, the answer pops up out of nowhere with this beautiful field. Also very appropriate because yesterday I sorted out my SRL tag because it is no longer helpful for me. And this jewel is really very strong because even I feel something and that means something.

PS: Have you ever forgotten to put down the item that you wanted to charge.


I bought it, soon

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this is great, I have used the brain chemicals and dopamine and have gotten great results and I am sure this will help even more with the addictions that I experience. thank you, excited for this one.
I am sure it will only help with results on other fields as well


Whenever you make changes to a field, do we need to re-download the mp3? Thank you.


Could I use this for my 5 year old sister?

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This feels good, defo need this as subliminals only go so far


No, no need.

Yes, but try with one-two times a day maximum.


Could this cause physical detox symptoms? I listened 3to 4 times yesterday and got explosives diarrhea today :confused:
Might be unrelated, might he this …


What about the mandala?

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So this audio will remove all limiting belief from social media, parents,… etc or it just remove limiting beliefs from traumas?

especially if these limiting beliefs are linked to trauma.

I started to hear this and about an hour later I was feeling really bad, it’s like the atmosphere around me was completely overwhelming, my heart was racing and several other symptoms, almost a panic attack, did anyone else feel this way?

Played this 3 times and felt really good, lots of bubbling sensations in my legs where I have alot of blockages. Then played it one more time later in the day and got a uncomfortable feeling of deja vue and nausea, did the grounding audio 3 times and all uncomfortable sensations disappeared.


Yes, it should clear limiting beliefs from all social media, etc… but you may want to check out some Subconscious Blockage remover fields:

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(scroll to bottom of the page for the link)

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