DIGITAL MANDALA: Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing

This field will remove all subconscious sabotaging beliefs that are hindering you from success in all areas of your life. Self esteem, self love, self confidence, work, friendship, love life and many other will fall away as they are not serving you anymore. You will start to feel limitless (which is true 100%) and act in life with pure consciousness and authenticity.


And so, my beloveds, the revolution has begun.

Show no mercy to the system, shred it to pieces!


Buy this @everyone, print it, glue it under watch or somewhere its gonna be on you 24/7, and enjoy.

By wearing this you’ll help more than you can think, not just yourself.


I might buy this even though I have SLR from Sapien and that is strong (I can’t wear at night). Just to compare. I like these mandalas, I tend to agree with @Samurai that they are easy to include to daily life.


Now I know a lot of people for whom this mandala would be helpful. Strangely enough for me not, when asked whether it would be helpful for me to have it with me. However, this also applies to the SLR DogTag from Sapien just after 3 months, it was no longer positive for me. This also applies to Quadibble’s audios. I can’t even imagine that all limiting thoughts would have been resolved. :thinking:


It also doesn’t seem to make any difference to me anymore, and I don’t think I have solved everything.

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I wonder if that’s because you’ve done all the work you need to do in that area for the time being. Maybe that’ll change in the future and you’ll be guided back to those tools again…

As the saying goes, “The right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing.” :smiley:


You are totally right. That’s why I always check audios that were no longer helpful for whether something has changed in that regard.


You guys pleiadian huh? Damn that ego.

You both need this.

Especially you @DarkMatter .

Your conscious limited human assumptions of what you think you need or some pendulum or “spirit guide” or “deity” or any other npc giving you trash advice is utterly insignificant.

What matters is your higher self, and it wants both of you to be limitless.

Because you affect the collective also, this is a shared reality.

You being limitless on a subconscious level will spread around also, will even affect things you cant possibly consciously grasp.

Forget sapiens tag, you cant compare these, they work differently.

So you either get this, or keep living in the illusion that “youre good”.

We have literal slave dna ffs, every human needs this.


To presume to know with certainty that you are right and someone else’s beliefs about their own experiences are wrong…that is pure ego. This is what your post reads like:

“You’re stupid and dumb and don’t know anything. Foolish peasants, stop being silly thinking you know things and just do what I say instead”

Dismissive sentiments like these are not enlightened, they’re narcissistic and should be rejected outright. If you feel you have some degree of wisdom to share, I’d encourage you to try again, but this time communicate your disagreement in a civil manner.

Humility, compassion, respect - these are the character traits of wisdom.


Fancy sentences might impress others, not me.

That’s what you have been brainwashed with.

All three are a choice, not a necessity.

Seems like you need the subconscious limits one aswell.

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Btw, is it different from storing the audio into field storage (other than the storage time limit)?

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Man, the problem with a specialist like you is that what you say is of no use, I’m tired of hearing this story of removing your limiting beliefs and expressing what you want, and all of that, I’m sorry, but I don’t care about bigger questions or what I don’t understand, I’m only concerned with my life, and if audio doesn’t have the capacity to improve my life, my personality, help me get results or anything, then it’s useless, I know all this talk on the Sapiens forum because I frequented it, I used ego dissolution for a long time and it didn’t change anything either, these protocols just don’t help at all, the only thing left is to look for different and unorthodox methods, and for you to know I use removing subconscious blocks nowadays, even though I think nothing changes, and at no time did I imply that I am already good enough.

Where did I mention sapiens fields?

This isnt Sapiens fields lol.

Yeah I know that with audios it takes forever, why do you think I ask for mandala versions? :wink:

Because then the ego is fked. Its bombarded 24/7 similarly to looping the audio.

And maitreyas mandalas are elite, very strong.

So simply try this.

Print, and make sure you just have it on you 24/7.

If you still feel like nothing changes, then we’ll talk.

Sapiens fields are gentle and take forever to work, Maitreyas mandalas are different.

(might get uncomfortable because of ego resistance, if it does play the dissolution).

Lol seriously that field fked me up for months.

Make sure you combine it with higher self connection and dopamine sensitivity one so worst case if you feel lost mentally you’ll atleast enjoy the visuals of this 3D game lol

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i understand u this energy stuff is over rated by people like us lol … we give it our money and time and energy … WE ARE ESCAPING REALITY … but i didn’t give up i print this Mandela and i will see … @Samurai how will we know when its working and if i resize the Mandela will still working ? and if it cover by plastic pocket will be still working ?

now i listen to Eradicate ALL Causes of Anxiety from SZ i am just tired …

The size does not matter. You can resize it and put it in a small heart pendant and wear it around our neck. You can blow it up and put in on the wall as a poster. The intent is in the image no matter the size. Only when you are using tools lets say from SES that the size matters.

You make some very solid points Samurai and I love your Fire! I see a lot of my old self in you.


i will print some as posters and but them in my room.

Just one is enough. They do not stack from what I have been told.


i was stacking then already .

i keep one on me and one in my iphone ,one for laptop and 4 in my room .

and i will rest in peace while i am alive :joy: listning to SZ anxiety healing series .

how many months i need to give this to work ?

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