The quest for fearlessness and anxiety-reduction

Fear of confrontation is such a huge thing for me and it’s terrible - I’m ashamed of it. It’s especially bad at my workplace, which is public-facing. While I haven’t been physically attacked like some of my colleagues (one case was especially severe,) so many folks around here go aggro with little to no provocation and it sets off alarms in my head all the time.

The roots of my anxieties are definitely in childhood, with one parent being conflict-avoidant and the other being a narcissist with a temper. (My bro also turned out conflict-avoidant.) I distinctly remember having trouble expressing anger at a young age and I would write notes or bottle things instead of telling my parents that I’m angry. I feel like my anger was and still is, to some extent, trivialized or passed off as overreacting, ‘being moody’ or unreasonable; I have to censor my speech in order not to trigger a defensive reaction, but I also think I’m unequipped with the skillage or the strength to communicate clearly and effectively too, especially once emotions kick in. Recently, I expressed my anger to a parent through writing very civilly only to be told that my generation is oversensitive. I’m tired of letting things go and folks not apologizing, but that’s another thing.

This weakness is destroying me and I’ve absolutely tried womb-healing, childhood-healing, fearlessness audios/mandalas, Sapien’s Lion Courage tag, throat chakra healing, stoicism, repeater, subconscious connector, reality shifter, resistance dissolver, etc etc for a long time. I’m pretty desperate for suggestions here.

I read up on the Memrec method today, which revolves around exposing a person to their fear, and in that moment of peak fear, taking a pill ( Propranolol?) which affects the brain in such a way that the memory is rewritten but without the fear attached, as I understand it. The clinic treating people this way is in Amsterdam, though. Fffffuuuu—dge. There needs to be a field or frequency with all the benefits of propranolol and none of the possible physical side-effects. I’m ready to kick ass, to embrace conflict with calm, articulacy, and grace, and stand up for myself without my nerves going into overdrive. I totally believe that something out there must work on the most stubborn of brains - I just haven’t found it yet.

…any idea what more I can do?


i made this suggestion back in the days and i hope mai will think about it


Same! I gave that idea a like, and I’m hopeful. Wonder if it’d be dramatic enough to rewire my brain.

have you tried working with the following fields?
They are ALL of utmost importance for healing pretty much any type emotional bagage and fears.
They are ALL important and I recommend you use all of them for several months (even those where you consciously think you “don’t need them”):


I appreciate the answer. I do have most if not all of these already on my field emitter tool and I’ve been carrying that with me everywhere. But prior to the emitter, I’ve been using the Trauma, incident, and limiting belief clearing and Let go of Fear/Overthinking, and the Cortisol lowering one as well. I just woke up from a nap with an awful sense of dread clutching my chest like a cold fist. Blegh.

Edit: But you’re right, I should probably give each of these audios longer, like, more like half a year instead of a month or two months.


I highly recommend you work with ALL of them outside of the Emitter, just as audios to listen to. Especially “Healing Baby in the Womb” is a key field for self esteem.


You’re holding it in. That’s going to create the anxiety effect. I’m not saying say anything, I’m saying that this is the issue.

So you gotta figure out why are certain situations getting you to this point/how are you getting triggered.

Syncronicity-like, today I had a major moment of voicing myself where i’d usually hold it in and ignore. Your situation seems moreso with people you aren’t close to, customers… so the approach is different, but I was able to discuss with the person “why” I was having that reaction and we were misunderstanding each other.

If you can’t discuss with these people, then you gotta end it at the point before that emotion even comes. Cuz you’re gonna censor, hold it in, now you gotta deal with that crappy emotion that will just come back even after your naps. It’s not about getting less sensitive, it’s about figuring out why are certain remarks affecting me at all. Do I feel disrespected, was it just rude, know your self worth, etc.

We’re all not immune to everything. Self worth has a lot to do with it of course, so I’d say definitely make sure you have atleast the 200 self worth/confidence belief field from patreon on your emitter and if you’re looking for something new to try - personally I found Samurai DM killed the rest of my social anxiety to the point where I thought I transported to a different world.

EDIT: But the new release anger etsy pendant might be better

And this.


It might be a really weird suggestion, but I really recommend the Dream Seeds Rite of Exorcism 2.0, it can help you with everything you’ve been through, this audio definitely puts me at ease, and the more I use the more effect it’s seen, this audio will clear every evil in you, it is extremely effective, it will also clear attachments of entities in you that may be causing or amplifying your fears, I also believe to be effective in removing parasites and astral larvae. In addition to that this will potentiate the effects of other fields, I also recommend the all purpose anxienty removal of sapiens medicine, which is easily found in the playlists tab, I recommend that you do not try to use the exorcism rite on a storage item, I have tried in the past, and it doesn’t seem effective, in case all purpose anxienty can be used on a storage item, i also recommend Maitreya’s recent audio called fight our fly, may be the situation you find yourself in, this audio also has me helped. And finally, if this treatment is available in your country, CBD oil has properties that help treat and cure trauma.


No suggestions are too weird, I won’t knock audio 'til I’ve tried it. Thanks for trying to help! And yes, ty for reminding me about CBD oil too. Consuming the stuff might just need to become a regular part of my life.


Thank you, I’ll make that a high priority.


Ooh, that’s high praise for the Samurai. Thank you for all your insight, I appreciate the feedback.


I Have the DM of Trauma Incident and Limiting Beliefs , I also Love this in audio,as well, why? coz is Ocean/stream sounds ONLY. I wish everyoone of these were in that 'optional" trickling stream and/or ocean waves, rain on a tin roof with distant train horn-whistle,fire place crackling format… any ole who… I Just got 9 additional DM’s yesterday . I’d waited a whole month to do so and I got’um so now I use Fearlessness, Breaking Bad, Chameleon Shield Protection,Pathfinder, dreams guide,mind control,PEMF and more. I Love Love Maitreya’s work. I think I have around 30 of them now.
IM running 9 for hours now…Love and forgiveness,release guilt, trauma release,fearless,field intergration primer,mind control, grounding, violate flame,chameleon. I also just bought Overcoming Fear with the highly upgraded Fear remover v6.1 from Indigo mind labs its OFv4 from IML’s the combo is astounding to say da least.
Later I plan on getting another round of DM’s including Release Gaslighting and Dissolve Co-dependancy, to go with the trauma release, love and forgiveness, release guilt,fearlessness,and related. deep clearing. lighthealing’s clearing w/ Phyllis Light.