Comprehensive Clearing Bundle

Introducing the comprehensive bundle from Maitreya Fields: a curated collection of essential fields, all in one package. This special bundle includes a diverse array of fields, each designed to enhance different aspects of your life.

Each field serves a unique purpose, from releasing guilt and closing doors to the past, to protecting against negative energies and connecting with higher states of consciousness. They are essential tools to have at your disposal for a balanced and enriched life experience.

As a special offer, this bundle, which combines all these powerful fields, is available at a reduced price, saving you $300. It’s an opportunity to have a comprehensive set of tools always within your reach, empowering you to navigate life’s complexities with greater ease and awareness.

Explore this bundle for a journey towards a more harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling life.

The Art of Letting Go - Detachment Field

This field aids in boosting manifestation by facilitating detachment from desires. It’s effective for letting go of various attachments, thereby improving your ability to manifest desires by aligning with the frequency of your goals as if they are already achieved.

Divine Protection from Negative Energy and Bad Entities

This digital mandala offers protection against negative energies and harmful entities. It serves as an energetic shield, safeguarding your etheric body and aura.


This mandala helps relieve feelings of guilt, a condition that often leads to negative life circumstances. By releasing guilt, you can avoid creating situations where you are punished for these feelings.

DM: Close the Door of the Past

This field organizes your memories across past, present, and future, helping you perceive time correctly. It aids in reducing repetitive thoughts about past events.

Take Back Your Whole Power

This digital mandala helps reclaim your energy from people, pets, or places, including those in past and future lives, by changing the past from the present.


This mandala enables you to send pure unconditional love to people, animals, plants, the Earth, and more. It involves holding an intention and visualizing the unconditional love filling the intended recipient.

DM: Chakra Fury

This mandala includes a 114 Chakra Cleansing field, aiding in maintaining a clean chakra system and a strong aura, which significantly improves your inner being.

DM: Recognize Foreign Thought

This field gives you the ability to instantly discern whether a thought or idea is yours or foreign, including those caught from the mental plane or from attempted mind control.

Fifth Dimension Connection

This field includes various elements like a gratitude mindset, the art of letting go, and self-love and acceptance, aiding in connecting with higher realms of consciousness.

Releasing Vows and Old Soul Contracts

This mandala helps release past vows (e.g., poverty, charity, chastity) and contracts that no longer serve your soul’s growth, aiding in moving on to greater experiences.

Self Love and Acceptance

Focuses on removing self-limiting beliefs and installing empowering positive beliefs. It increases self-worth, acceptance, freedom, and a sense of being loved.

Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing - Destroy the Effects

Destroys the effects of negative spells that don’t serve you, clearing them from your current life, past lives, and etheric body. As these spells are cleared, any bad entities linked to them will also leave.

DM: Deep Sleep

This digital mandala is designed to aid in achieving deep sleep. (No further specific details were provided).

DM: Meaning Regulator

Assists in understanding the meanings we assign to events and experiences. It pauses the process of automatic meaning assignment, offering different perspectives to understand these events.

DM: Ego Detachment

Works to detach you from the ego, helping you achieve a state of full awareness and become “The Watcher.”

DM: Remove Negative Energy

Removes negative energy from your body and aura, including low vibrations and emotions. It teaches your aura to repel negative energy before it enters your energy fields.

Trauma, Incident & Limiting Belief Clearing DIGITAL MANDALA

This field allows you to remove specific beliefs or feelings and replace them with beneficial ones. (No further specific details were provided).

DM: Love & Forgiveness

Facilitates forgiveness of yourself and others across all times and dimensions. It enables you to send unconditional love to everyone affected by your past actions and to those who have hurt you.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

This digital mandala is intended to unlock your full potential by tapping into the hidden reserves of your subconscious mind.

DM: Restore All Bodies

Restores one’s energy bodies completely, closing cracks and holes where energy leaks out or negative influences and entities can enter. It restores mental, emotional, and physical balance.

DM: Comprehensive Resistance Dissolver 2.0

DM: Comprehensive Resistance Dissolver 2.0" is an advanced tool designed to address the intricate web of resistances that can hinder personal growth and self-improvement. This enhanced version goes beyond surface-level resistance, delving deep into the subconscious to target entrenched beliefs and fears that may hold individuals back.

With this bundle, you save $318,57