Close the Door of the Past

This field has been created to arrange and organize your memories from the past, the present, and the future. People perceive time as linear, which is incorrect. Past, present, and future are all here and now. This field will organize your memories from the three time periods so your subconscious can view them correctly and distinguish them from each other.

Benefits this field gives:

-You will stop thinking about and reliving past events over and over again.

-Your mind will become quieter and it will be easier for you to perceive reality as it is here and now and to live fully in the present.

-When your mind is quiet you will become more sensitive and will be able to access hidden knowledge that has been inaccessible to you before as your mind has been occupied with unnecessary things. Some people may see glimpses from the future, others experience déjà vu or other phenomena.

  • If there is an even or a situation, which you can’t change but cannot stop thinking about it either, you may send an intention to the field to transform and archive specifically this situation, This can be used for childhood trauma, inner child healing, other traumatic events, etc.

You can listen to the field 2 to 3 times per day for 2 to 4 weeks. After that, it won’t be necessary to listen to it until you accumulate more life experiences that need to be stored properly as well.

This product contains a digital mandala + audio file.


While playing this I could feel some rummaging around.


Hope it helps me forget about my ex Gf lol. Thank you Mai <3


Very cool. Looking forward to using this one soon too. See through illusions, deal with time and past, powerful things to look forward to once I’m ready. Letting Warrior Archetype integrate for now.


I have many experiences of deja vu or deja vu. I looked everywhere I could, but I never managed to figure out what this means or what is the reason for this phenomenon.

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What is the cause of deja vu according to spirituality

What is the cause of deja vu according to science

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Very initial results. A memory spontaneously surfaced. I definitely wasn’t looking for it because I mostly forgot I even pressed play on the video and was doing other things. It was a memory from long ago of a happy time but it was a memory that always made me sad I guess because I couldn’t get it back or go back to that time.

The memory came up this time and it was simply a happy memory. Somehow the part about it making me sad because I couldn’t relive it was just deleted or cut off. So, cool.


Does this field include “Trauma, Incident & Limiting Belief Clearing”?

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Shouldn’t there also be an audio? At Gumroad only the mandala can be downloaded. Or did I misunderstand something in the description?


This is a mistake. Now will re-upload it and send an update to people who purchased it.


Best of the best. Top tier field. The DM.


This helping me with some of my past events.


This seems to affect everything about the way I think. And for the better. It’s like adding wisdom rather than mere intelligence.


Using it for a few days and I already notice results, I can feel my mind more stuck to the present, much more focused, it’s like a mindfulness effect, on the first day I had dejavu, and on the second day I had strange dreams about the past, still It’s been really hard for me to deal with the past, I’ve been so bitter about the past and about everything that I haven’t been able to live that it’s been messing with my life in pretty much every area for the last few months, family, friends, work, I was just losing the will to go on living, I’ve been living under so much pressure for the last few years that I couldn’t think of anything else, plus I took too much into account what people would think of me and I didn’t do what I really wanted, and when I finally moved and I had freedom and I could think and I saw that I had nothing and I did nothing. I’m not satisfied with my current job and how much I earn from it, but to be honest, that’s not the problem here, I may not be satisfied with my job but what’s really killing me inside is my love life, something i always pretended not to care, not to shake me, but now it has turned into a snowball that eats me inside, i think less about the past after using this field, but when i think i still it affects me deeply, anyway I will continue using this field and I hope it helps me, it will.

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I think this is a very underrated field and in my opinion extremely useful to use on a regular basis.

This is great!

Awesome field.

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