Transmute Sexual Energy / Energetically Programmed Field

In a world that often compartmentalizes our existence, separating the physical from the spiritual, there’s a profound tool that bridges the gap: the transmutation of sexual energy. This isn’t just about enhancing our physical well-being; it’s about tapping into our vast reserves of creativity, vitality, and spiritual insight. Energetically Programmed Field Transmute Sexual Energy is specifically designed for this purpose. It’s a method that both men and women can listen to, aiming to elevate our outgoing energy into its higher aspects, thus fueling our journey of personal development, creativity, and spiritual growth.

Let’s delve into the myriad ways this transformative practice can enrich our lives:

A Burst of Creativity and Productivity: Imagine channeling your sexual energy towards your creative endeavors. The result? A significant boost in creativity, enabling you to conjure new ideas, solve problems with unparalleled efficiency, and immerse yourself in artistic pursuits like never before.

Surge in Energy and Vitality: This isn’t just about feeling more awake or a bit livelier. It’s a profound increase in your life force, enhancing your physical health and empowering you to tackle your daily activities with zest and enthusiasm.

Sharper Mental Focus and Clarity: In the clutter and noise of everyday life, maintaining focus can be a challenge. Transmuting your sexual energy can sharpen your mental faculties, helping you to set your sights on your goals and achieve them with a clarity previously unfound.

Emotional Equilibrium: Navigating the highs and lows of emotions can be daunting. However, by wisely managing your sexual energies, you’ll find yourself more adept at maintaining emotional stability and resilience, paving the way for a balanced and harmonious existence.

Spiritual Awakening: The transmutation of sexual energy as a conduit to enlightenment and spiritual growth. It’s about using this potent force to delve deeper into your consciousness, forging a stronger bond with your spiritual self.

Richer Relationships: Redirecting sexual energy toward personal growth and spiritual practices doesn’t just benefit you; it enhances your relationships too. You’ll find a deeper sense of empathy, intimacy, and connection with others, enriching your interactions and bonds.

You can purchase the digital mandala, which is energetically enhanced and will work 24/7 to send these instructions to your body. It’s possible that your body will start to regenerate better during the night and that you may experience deeper sleep.

Link from which you can purchase the digital mandala:



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Awesome field, I guess it stacks well with the nofap fields. Since it’s such a short field is there any warnings of over-listening?


Thank you for this! Was hoping for a field like this since the Brahmacharya wasn’t the best suited for females. :sparkles:

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I guess no serious side effects for most of us. As the 3x boosted mandala works 24/7, it should be ok to utilize the audio for longer. However, it differs from person to person (always, there are oversensitive people easily get drained by fields), and listen to the intelligence of your body / your intuition is never a bad idea. If you feel overwhelmed, stop, ground and rest.


I have been carrying this with me for a day and I noticed something.

Everytime I’m starting to get aroused, something like takes that feeling away so that it doesn’t go anywhere.

I wonder if anybody else has had the same experience if it is indeed the field at work?

I recommend setting the intention. For example, “Transform my urges into creativity or concentration.”

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