Digital File: Energy Increaser + Three Treasures

You can print this file and put it in your pocket or in a necklace, on your phone, or in beautiful wall art. It makes the same things as the audio, but it will affect 24h/7. The range of the picture is made to be 5 meters so when you go to sleep all you have to do is to put it in another room. When the picture is downloaded it is without a watermark and with more beautiful and bright colors.

Boosted 10x more times than super saiyan. It will increase tremendously your energy levels in all bodies, but this won’t happen from one time like a bomb in your energy system, but gently, by accumulation.The audio is also programmed to extract energy from your environment (when it is good) and if you are in a place with bad vibes to block it (shielding around you that is activated only when the environment is bad).

Cells and mitochondria will extract better energy in them and also we programmed the audio to send unconditional love from the Creator. We have also included the fields of the three treasures, which in themselves are very strong and will charge every cell of the body with energy. So you have 3 sources that will recharge you for 24 to 48 hours:

  1. Environment (when it’s good)

  2. Neutral Creator’s energy - Unconditional Love

  3. Three treasures - Jing (essence) - Qi (energy) - Shen (spirit)

Qi (氣): Qi can be understood to be an energy that activates, moves and energises the various body structures and organs. We obtain Qi from the air we breathe, from the food we eat and from the environment around us. Qi leads the blood and blood nourishes and moistens the body structures. This is why blood is known as yin and Qi as yang.

Jing (精): Jing - ‘Essence’ is Qi in its ‘stored’ from, when it is in storage for later use. When it becomes active it moves about the body’s energy channels in its active, yang state. Because of this, jing implies a developmental potential guiding the process or growth, maturation and ageing across the lifespan.

Shen (神): Shen - ‘spirit’ is another of one’s personal resources and it relates to the ability to be have cognition and self-awareness, It relates to one’s state of mind and their behaviour. In Chinese Medicine a Doctor will observe a patient’s ‘spirit brightness’ (Shen Ming) to determine the state of their health. This is interesting because here we can see how the other treasures (Qi and jing) can affect Spirit and how they interact. If a patient’s spirit is ‘dull’ they may seem down, their voice might be weak, their words slurred and behaviours inappropriate or strange. This is because the spirit does not have the support of the of the other Treasures to function optimally. Looking at the opposite situation, when one’s spirit is bright, the eyes are clear and alert, thoughts are coherent and speech fluent. This means that the other Treasures and plentiful and orderly.


Hmm, :sweat_smile: so you could make a dog tag with the image. Provided you can do handicrafts well. Nice idea. :grin:


This image seems stronger than the audio, perhaps maybe because it emits energy 24/7. In light of this discovery, I think you should start to consider selling audio and image file packages on gumroad for future releases. Releasing images for more of the current audios may also be a good idea if you can get it done.


Yeah , I also agree ,

A mandala with every field would not be a bad idea…


Wow the picture has a power that even I can feel at first sight.
How small can the picture be in order to retain its effect? Does it have to be visible or can it also be put in a medallion? Does the format have to be retained or can it be changed to a circle or heart shape? :thinking:
Really difficult to decide how best to use it all day


Size doesn’t matter (for mandalas / pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: )
You can put in circle or heart necklace.


Good to know. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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@Maitreya If I understood correctly I wear this image and it gives me unlimited energy?

will I feel less hunger with the image on me?

I wear Sap tags. Med. , its should provide support :blush:

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Hello Equilibrium,

Well whether the energy is really unlimited also depends on how much you can handle. But in any case, it will increase the capacity that you can endure without being burned out. The nice thing about it is that you don’t have to listen to audio indefinitely.

I wear seven Dreamweaver dogtags myself and it definitely helps me not to be so tired anymore.
I can really say something about the hunger. I would have to observe whether that has any influence.



Should have this effects as energy /prana/ increase


@Maitreya , when you say unlimited energies, do you mean energy that never runs out, or do you mean energy that is constantly increasing more and more until infinity?excuse my question if it is confused.


Can this digitized mandala be used simultaneously with the grounding ?!


Yes, if not, I would definitely do something wrong. At least I haven’t noticed anything negative yet. :wink: :heart:


thank you :clap::clap::clap:

:astonished::boom: … I admit that I can hardly believe it, it’s crazy !!! Ok … I tell myself that the Sap tags. Med. works fine on me so why not i have to test this energy increasing image

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Thanks for the info and for taking the time to respond :slightly_smiling_face::pray::sunny:.

Super :grin: !!!

I have 6 dog tags on me right now .soon 8 .cool if its can help me won more :ok_hand::grin:

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as this mandala is more powerful than the super Sayan X10, is it possible that this is too much for one person ?! or the energy is programmed to be able to integrate with the energy system no matter if the power is very very high ?!
PS: I am not complaining (on the contrary I like this power), I just wish to enlarge the understanding of energies.


As I have understood and also feel it will slowly increase your energy so that you will have more and more energy over time. So don’t worry that you will be overwhelmed with energy as if you had drunk 10 espressos in a row. So I think over time the energy system will get stronger so that you can handle more energy.


I bought this today and placed it on my phone. Looking foreward to everyones feedback on this one.


Just to clarify I can leave my phone next to me on the bedside. I do not have to be staring at the image all the time right ?

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