Tips for improve spiritual awareness?

Hi friends, someone can help me with tips (fields too if have) to improve spiritual awareness and expand consciousness?

I guess Christ’s consciousness can help… but maybe I’m missing other important things…

Thank you

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J Seals



Ego Dissolution

Light of Savitur

Alchemical Mind Expansion blend


Soul Restoration series

Vibration Series

Conceptual Realizations

Light and vibrational guidance


Psychic Expansion


This is Maitreya’s forum not Sapien’s.

This is what people say when someone posts maitreays product on Sapien’s forum. :smiley:

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How lucky we are that we are an open forum and not one full of fanatics. What still counts here is what helps one to develop further does not necessarily have to come from Maitreya. There are too many infected by the Om virus in the Sapien. And I’m sure that Dream doesn’t look as stubborn as his believers.


am I ready to go full throttle now? I know the eclipse is coming up and sigh energy just released j seals removal, I SZ posted about pros/cons… I havent lived the movie yet… even tho every second is one right blah blah u get what I mean :slight_smile: does a ready man question if hes ready? but I do wanna know what its like, I geuss its the natrual progression of things

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From Maitreya the 2 Awakening the God within should be mentioned although that would be a longer project. As well as Raise your Vibrational State Audio. However, I don’t find this particularly strong. What strikes me is that we don’t have a mandala on this subject. Of course, Dream’s two dog tags, the Ascension Tag and the Divine Balance Tag, should be mentioned in particular.

Also the set of cards from Dream, which you can get on Twitter or from the Book of Cards. I didn’t really pay attention to them at the beginning because I never felt anything. Now, after I’ve found them again, I only notice how strong they really are. Especially the Energy Expansion card.

I also recommend a few audios from Spiritual Zone and Sigh Energy that go in the desired direction.
You have to see what is going in your direction


What an interesting topic! I see a lot of great ideas from the forum members already posted here, but I thought I’d add my two cents: I think a lot of the “clearing” audios and mandalas should help with spiritual awakening/awareness as well, as a lot of times we can’t grow or progress spiritually because we are bogged down by years of trauma, anger towards others (unwillingness to forgive and victimhood), the shadow self, etc. Not to say that that’s everyone’s journey of course, but it’s a good place to start. It won’t do any harm and might just do some good.


By the description, Shadow Integration (next on my list to get) should help a lot with that.


Yes, there is definitely something to it. I have partly experienced that too. Sometimes you only reach a certain ridge with an audio or mandala. Then nothing works for a while because of blockages. Are these then cleared up through clarification work. Can the same audio that didn’t help before because of the blockages bring you to the next level again.

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Thanks, what is ipf?

I have been tryin sigh the free boosted audios in gumroad for a while but dont felt/got any result…should try other way? I mean like use a booster first or something?

yea i wanna try some day a sapien tag

The energy expansion card i tried with regius pura audio to make it permanent and i think helps, but sometimes i believe it helps me more my thinking like… i put intention to make it work…sometimes i see i dont need energetic products to create my desired results, only intention, but i believe in energetic products too and for some things that i still dont understand how to do they are great, not to mention open my mind to possibilities each time i see a new product, all this its just amazing i feel superlucky having this tools and also having you guys sharing knowledge

Thanks a lot to all

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Increased psychic functioning

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Yeah is in my list, idk if test first yt version with the storage creator for a while and later go with the mandala

Okay thanks!!!:relaxed:

Is ok bro here no need to be the same :grin:
But i guess u making a good joke🤗

How about the ego mandala from maitreya, is good? The thing is i like mandalas, i dont see me wearing many tags :joy:

Do you have any experience with programmed intention paid mandalas?

And what do you think about higher self connection? Is something i would like to develop or understand more…cause sometimes i dont know if im communicating with my subconscious or higher self

The ego mandala is fine


You could get the Higher Purpose mandala.