Awakening the God Within pt 2

Master of the mind:

One of the main reason people can’t compress psychic information beacuse it gets converted by their ego. When we receive any information from nature, higherself or any outside source then we can’t understand with because we try to explain it at our own experience…this can help you to calm your mind and listen to your inner voice, higherself, angels or entites. You’ll understand which thought is coming from you and which is from outside source. It can help while meditation as it requires to silent mind. It’s taken to another level by “ego controlling” as it will also help to keep control over your ego. Ego is nothing good or bad. It’s just the default pattern you’re hard wired with. And at highest level, one can take his mind to “Zero though state” where your mind is completely zero without any thought. And at that moment you can easily connect with the infinite source or knowledge aka universe. This is also called “Nirvana” a state of pure bliss.

Psychic awakening:

Stimulates all psychic parts of brain so that you can awaken all your potential abilities. We all are born with more or less gifts…but we are unable to access it for the gap between our subconscious and conscious mind. It will bring all your hidden skills and gifts in surface so that you’d be aware of it.

This field is designed to bring the best of the best out of you. A you that you had no idea that ever existed. Know yourself, and know your power. The description is shortened as much as possible. But in general it activates everything that you could potentially achive as a soul/human being. So there’s endless possibilities…therefore don’t expect for result too soon since such a thing requires dedication…

It’s good pt. 1 to be used some time before this field or to combo them.

Series have bloodline protection.


Why is there no standalone field for this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its pretty much a necessity for everyone at all times everywhere in all possible realms of existence! :smiley: (especially me).



This could also be the perfect meditation mandala.

(the mind part only)


great idea :slight_smile:


Exited for the boost on it :grin:


If she releases a mandala for the master of the mind part I will make an altar of Maitreya and sacrifice 2 sheep to it every week. @Maitreya


Just the thought of such a meditation mandala makes my soul cry of joy.

Just imagine…

Pure zen, pure bliss.


And I’m waiting for the upgrade so that I can peacefully hibernate
I won’t be asking for any other concept for a long time for sure lol


Interesting I had that zen mind concept about 4 years ago. Guess I didn’t need it till now lol.


Btw it’s art of communication on steroid tho. That one is more like a cheap ripoff. It’s the original field. Description is shorted for good reason lol


Absolutely lol


I use this 2 times and. Is amazing how this help me suppress and control my ego

This god series 1 and 2 combined with the blue print of life field from sapiens is a bomb :fire:


Hi I was recommended this audio by a friend of mine. @Maitreya Can this audio be used while sleeping or is there a best method you would recommend to integrate it?

Yes it can but i don’t recommend this at all. It works much better if you meditate with it.


Ok, perhaps i will do both. Thanks!

@Maitreya if I already bought this, would art of communication still be helpful?

Better use 1-2 months just this and then jump on other fields. But if you already bought it, it won’t have problem to be combined.


Ok I will do that, someone mentioned that this was art of communication on steroids so I assumed that I wouldn’t need it to communicate with other entities and my higher self. But art of communication would still be helpful correct? @Maitreya

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Hi Maitreya,

Between blueprint of soul and this one which is better so that soul feels it achieved its gretest potential?

Also, if I buy pt. 2 will I get audio now or just mandala and if I want audio also who can give? Thanks

Both fields can help you to archive your full potential. The soul’s don’t archive anything as they are already whole. :slight_smile:

All files are digital mandalas and we don’t offer audios in the stores.

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After reading so many Hindu and other religion, i liked Brahmakumaris teaching where soul is point of light with mind intellect and sanskaras are part of it… Soul itself experiences every emotions thats good and bad and and soul itself can become pure like supreme soul who is also point of light but he does not take body and suffer and souls have 5000 year cycle where first 2500 years they are like supreme soul and then they deteriorate through sex and body consciousness for next 2500 years and again remembering supreme soul they become pure for 2500 years this is eternal cycle where supreme soul purifies souls .

So i have that notion soul becoming pure and unpure withs parts mind intellect and sanskaras of its karmas.