Clairvoyance / Energetically Programmed Audio

Beware: If you have any problems with the nervous system or you are empathic and can’t handle other people’s emotions / or situations in your life/ - don’t use that it will make your life harder. You need to have a stable emotional and mental state to develop these abilities without harming yourself.
The term “clairvoyance” is French in origin and comes from the combination of two ancient terms meaning “clear” and “seeing” or “vision.”
While it’s usually a case of someone knowing the future, clairvoyance can also mean a person who has the ability to gain information about a subject, location, or even an object.
There is usually no logical explanation for such special insight except the theory of extrasensory perception. The theory maintains that one who has a special power of “clear-sightedness” can see persons or events that are “distant”, perhaps in time (past or present) or even in space.
Practicing clarivoyance is not limited to predicting the future. Those who have the gift may be able to see the future, also called precognition, or in retrocognition, which is seeing the past, They can also be able to remote-view, which is the perception of locations, circumpstances and/or events happening outside the ordinary realm of perception through the five senses.
The brain and the mind are two separate things. The brain is a biological organ, part of the human body, whereas the mind is a psychic organ, connected to the human soul. The soul and mind are connected to the Creator and the heavenly realms. The mind, which is an expression of the human soul, has an enormous influence on the brain, the nervous system, the body, and all other organs and glands. The mind creates cognition and the feeling that you exist. The physical and energy bodies are so closely connected that they cannot function when separated from each other, although some people believe that it is possible to separate them from each other under certain circumstances (or, to be more specific, under altered states of consciousness; I.E. sleep, hypnosis, during astral travel).

The cerebrum, which is the largest part of the brain, plays the largest part in psychic ability (and, very possibly, is the only part of the brain that is used for ESP), and is located directly below the top of the skull. The surface area of the cerebrum is known as the cerebral cortex or neo-cortex, and contains billions of neurons in it. The crown chakra – one of the seven main chakras, or energy centres – is positioned over the top of the head and above the cerebrum. It is through this crown chakra that we connect to the Divine Intelligence and the higher realms. This energy, known as chi or God force, flows through the crown chakra and into the top of the head. A spiritually awakened or enlightened person can work with this energy. By using mediation and other techniques, such as tai chi or dancing, the individual can feel the energy on the top of the head. (It is described as a “warm, pleasant feeling”.) This means that the crown chakra has opened up and that chi is flowing downward. As the energy travels downward into the brain itself, tingling sensations can be felt all over and inside the head. This is an indication that the energy has stimulated the neo-cortex, causing many neurons to “fire.” These firing neurons send electrical energy to other parts of the brain – in particular, the rest of the cerebrum.

As electrical energy and “divine light” enter these areas of the neo-cortex and cerebrum, brain cells that have previously been dormant are stimulated. These cells become active and begin performing their designated functions. Most human beings use only 10% of their potential brain capacity, but when the neurons fire and brain cells begin to wake up, you can increase the amount of brain capacity you are using to 20% or even 30%. Not only do you become more spiritually awakened/enlightened, but you also begin to develop your potential as a human being. Your IQ level will increase, and you will also be able to use your psychic and spiritual abilities. The power of the mind is also increased. Many enlightened individuals become more optimistic because of their awakened states.
Two other chakras that are often used by psychics are the solar plexus, which is in the stomach area, and the third eye, which is in the middle of the forehead. Often, when people feel like their stomachs are knotting up just before something bad happens, they are actually receiving psychic information from their solar plexus. The third eye is often used to “see” energy. With practice, it can be used to see auras, search the past, look forward into the future, or even to see the spirits of deceased people. Whenever people say that they’re picking up information “from the gut” they are actually subconsciously (or intuitively) using their third eye/solar plexus, and then allowing the energetic patterns to register on their nervous systems, which work their way to the brain as a conscious interpretation. The chakras are the main reason that psychics can use their power, or even have any power in the first place. If humans did not have chakras, then it would be impossible to use powers such as telekinesis, precognition, or any other form of ESP.

The amygdala is the primary part of our brain that constantly scans our environment for danger and alerts other parts of the brain or body as needed. This section of the brain was more likely developed very far in the past, during a time when our species was placed lower in the food chain.
One example of what the amygdala does is when you feel as though someone is watching you, and then you look up to find that someone is staring at you from a distance. This part of the brain processes activity that our conscious minds never become aware of. Our sensory system picks up subtle vibrations in the air and through the ground that are caused by movement in our environment, but events this subtle never register at the conscious level.

This audio is programmed to:

  •      Install beliefs in the subconsciousness that it is possible to use clairvoyance, knowledge how to use it and recognition of using it (this will help a lot and shorten the time you need for practicing this skill (Yes, you need to practice it. :)
  •      Stimulate the neocortex and pineal gland and fill it with lots neutral energy and unconditional love
  •      Make your amygdala and your nervous system more sensitive

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Can i communicate with my future self with this?




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You did it Maitreya🔥

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How to do this?


You’ll just “know”


Hah avarage joes will only try this if they have a death wish :woozy_face::joy:
I don’t discourage anyone but I got a more or less taste of the other part and trust me it’s not really so nice as many of you think…only use it if you are good enough. For example You wouldn’t really appreciate it if you see a weird looking light or a dark figure lurking around you at 3 am at night and staring eye to eye when you wake up to drink water would you? Lol
That is my cause many times but I’m cool with it tho


Yes, I agree. Example with Joe from the DW forum, hahahaha. Clairvoyance itself requires a lot of energy. The very difficulty of practice and theory is very great. And everyone should know that clairvoyance will stay with you forever. Thanks


Yah…I even see things flying around at day sometimes lol
Also everyone should keep in mind that there are entities who’s job is only to make people scared and feed on fear…so if you can see them directly then it becomes lot easy for them…so make sure to have protection sheild and well prepared mindset…


People who will develop this skill really have to be stable and know their true self. I’ve seen many people who got this without exercises (because they had a lot of energy in themselves and this just pops up) and 70% of them are going insane if they can’t handle this and they are not prepared. It’s not a joke.

A few days ago, I had a call from a man who was visited in the middle of the night by creatures he didn’t like very much. :joy:

Yes, there is no going back haha


And not to mention that I somehow stole wifes of some entities. So I’d be curious to see my unwanted guests.

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Hahahaha, bad boy :rofl:


I’d personally suggest everyone to get the divine protection audio from gumroad for using this tho…even I wouldn’t take any chances lol I’m fully loaded with protection and stuff…Which also includes servitors…


have you used de-inhabiter? is it working? i mind to use it

It’s mainly for removing them from your body and your places. It’s really good. But it won’t help you with this since you won’t be having it playing 24/7(de inhabiter). I don’t think it adds any protection for you since it’s not mentioned in description… And as I mentioned I always have safety since I have demonic influence since birth and all my family member has it. So you need sheild or protection like divine protection audio or sapiens sheild tag .


lol … it’s starting to tickle over my head.


But I’d suggest you to get the audio cuz it protects your place and makes sure things don’t come back tho. Would be better if it also added a sheild around you like divine protection audio…I’m not exactly sure tho. It’s just my thought.


There can also be a negative loop with this :

See the creatures —> They gain power to manifest physically.

All those children nightmares and monsters in the closets and man behind the door (seriously fk this piece of shit) were all very real.

So the warnings above are no joke.

But the good side is you’ll also be able to see the good beings and many awesome things.

Make sure you can handle it!