DM: Release Parasites - Physical and Energetic

This field has been made to stop parasites in your physical and etheric bodies from influencing your mind, emotions, and impulses for action. There are claims that up to 70% or even 80% of our diseases come from parasitic infections.

Few people know that parasites, including the physical ones, can energetically communicate with our consciousness and produce feelings, attitudes, and emotions that direct and influence our desires and behavior. Parasites have their own consciousness that has evolved to use their surroundings to survive.

This is already known for the Cordiceps parasitic fungus that infects living ants and makes them behave in an unnatural way leading them to their death for the benefit of the fungus. The same happens in our own bodies and minds.

Parasites that live in people need sugar for survival, which can make us go on sugar binges that we are unable to control. They can make us feel very sick and scared when we take on an anti-parasitic program, transmitting to us their own feeling that they are dying, thus making us feel as if we are in grave danger and must stop the cleanse.

Our addiction to unhealthy foods comes mostly from them. Sugar, alcohol, emotional eating when you are not hungry and junk food desire comes from their strive for a beneficial environment for their survival.

This field is designed to interrupt parasites’ influence on your mind and emotions. That will lead to changed behaviors that will make your body an inhospitable environment for them. It also includes an energetic program to leave your body.


On that topic one interesting video:


Audio also?


Top 10 of all time fields this one here. I don’t think most people have any idea.


It would be great in audio format :pray::pray::pray:


Early review…

Printed this mandala around 2 pm yesterday and kept it near me overnight. Woke up with my nose and throat stuffed, achy, and feeling awful. Clearly, looks like I am detoxing.


Instant buy for me. Immediately I felt something in my abdomen. Really powerful. Will have to prind it out and wear it on me.


This really would be awesome in audio as well :heart:


There would be two versions for this one for physical and one for astral those two will be posted on YouTube next week.


I remember I came across this book some months ago:


Thanks you

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Very much appreciated.

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Clearing/detoxing from parasites can become hell for a lot of people who make this.
Their consciousness is so strongly affecting people’s minds, that If the person is making a new and clear environment in his body and the parasites start to die - they send so strong signals to the human brain which makes the person to think he is the one who is dying.

Also, those beings have huge aggression and when a person starts a clear diet, they can make him for week-two or more very aggressive, without recognizing that those feelings are not his own.


Oh my god, this field is a miracle. I haven’t used it yet but your description really resonates with me.

So my problem is that:

I took an immunity mushroom complex supplement for three days called Five Defenders (contains Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Maitake) that insanely boosted my sex drive) which I later found out did for someone else too to the point where I have incest thoughts and masturbate to them.

Also, twice a day (always once in the morning) I get a random erection and even aside from the thoughts, I am forced to masturbate as I get a burning sensation there and it won’t stop nor does my erection go .

I copied and pasted that from an email a few months ago, the burning sensation has been long gone but the unwanted erections and thoughts are still there.

Is this the best field for my problem and what other fields should I try besides the Brahmacharya one?

DM: Mind Control


Does the DM not include this?

Removing Thought Forms and Parasites / Energetcally Programmed Audio


I posted the video more for the thoughtforms


Oh. I wasn’t sure. Started using both just in case.


He could also just use this one instead of the other one


This applies to physical parasites also?

They have consciousness also?

I thought only astral ones can send info to your mind.

If we can for example “get rid of” astral parasites one way or the other. (exorcism etc).

How does one remove physical ones?

Any ancient secrets? like mix this ingredient with that ingredient and they die? lol

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