Maitreya fields, may you share your experience meditating on the mountain?

Hello Maitreya fields, welcome back! If you don’t mind, may you share your experience meditating on the mountain?

Like, do you find a cave and meditate inside? Or near a tree? If so, do you encounter issue when it rains? Does animal or insect affects your concentration? Or food/water concern?

Or anything you can share with us? Thank you!


It was…silent😁

Near a tree is magnificent for meditations. But it depends what you are searching for. Caves are good for opening third eye/senses and abilities… also meeting some beings that are not from this world. Trees gives opportunity to communicate better with higher realms and to feel easier the interconnection of everything.

Animals behave very well when someone is in this type of state. Big ones are watching and observing you as they can sense and feel that you are part of them, which is true, but then they feel it and don’t feel scared. For whole time had just one insect on me, but in this time I had activated some clearings on me haha

For food had most of days vegetables, fruits, nuts, but near me had also one house where people are making retreats, so I had also other more lower vibrational meals.

Had 2 days in which had very little water, but it’s not a big deal as I make 3-4 times in the year dry fasts.

I Did a lot of walking and breathworking that was exhausting the physical body at maximum, as the mind – and meditations were easily made with hours.

Recharged my batteries and also reached some higher levels of consciousness which will create a reflection and make fields even stronger.

Watched many things for the near future with the vaccines and those things and I didn’t like the picture much. Around September I saw new big lockdowns throughout the world. Hope i didn’t see right or this timeline to change. :slight_smile: People who are not in the big towns will be better in this period of time.

Also, soon the people will have a lot more technologies and information for zero-point, free electricity, water, more ecological stuff, but this will be maybe in 2-3 years.


Wow, mind boggling!


Interesting. From Alien technology?

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It has been here already a while, sapiens plasma one is actually alientech.


awesome insight!

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Sapien’s friend told me more technology is going to be released and some of the newer fields already use such technology which is being revealed to Sapien and his friends.

Maitreya is getting similar downloads too! Lot of synchronicity.

The part about lockdowns is worrying :frowning: I have heard some others tell the same thing that more restrictions are coming.


Kinda expected, “they” want to turn us into cyborgs.


I am sorry, I didn’t understood. Did you mean fields with new technology will not be released for general people?

No, it is going to be released for all.


Yeah, alien technology will be released for everyone.
Bright future seems to come for people in next years.


Is possible to change the vibration of meals?

Food Clearing & Recharger


Yes and i would do it always, if you can.

I prefer A shot of liferforce from spiritualityzone (advanced version)


Hello Maitreya Fields, thank you for your reply and sorry for my late reply. I read that the last 7 buddha became enlightened next to a tree. For Gautama Buddha, he sat next to Bodhi tree (a fig tree). As my company wanted employees tp return to downtown at September, i am already planning to quit the job. I am not interested to exchange my life for money.

I am interested to meditate outdoor, but Canada seems to be cold starting from end of September, so that’s why i am asking for your experience. You are very nice on sharing these info. Dried veggie, dried fruits and nuts are the easier ways to go. But for water, they are heavvy. Do you bring at least 4 liters of water?

Also, just being curious, how do you recharge yourself in the nature? Mainly in breathing?

Thank you for sharing about the Alien technologies. To be honest with you, i have worry about the future. i am also the only one who refused to take vaccine in my family, friends coworkers and even from the buddhist temple. Being as a minority makes me feel skeptical to my belief…Would the whole world believe the wrong thing? Or is it just me being stubborn and attached to mis-information, as up to this point, no one can prove what is inside the vaccine. Yes, skeptical is an obstacle in cultivation and my master said my ego/skeptic/attachment/judgemental are my biggest blocks in the path. It can turn good things into bad, true into false…Nevertheless, at this point, the best i can do, is to live at the present as much as i can.

Thank you for sharing once again. And yes, thanks for the discount. I need it to buy vegan protein, hehe


How about tummo?


No you’re not wrong, we must not vaccinate, we must raise our vitamin D levels, if this were done this pandemic would be over, studies have proven that everyone with levels above 60 nanograms of vitamin D did not die from this infection, this need for vaccination is just brainwashing, people think they need a vaccine to be protected when the answer is in nature, all medicines are made with natural compounds, but everyone seems to forget about it.


The vaccine is on the contrary, it doesn’t seem to be helping at all, Israel, which was the country that vaccinated the most, still has a high mortality rate, to continue doing the same thing and hoping to get different results is crazy, and that’s what the world’s governments do , the data does not lie, obviously these vaccines are not helping at all.


I heard that Trump will release Tesla technology which will basically save the world. Trump’s uncle gained access to or had the patents to Tesla’s technology. Maybe Maitreya’s vision is related to that. Tesla tech is basically alien tech and Tesla likely communicated with aliens.

Supposedly Trump is the reincarnation of Saint Germaine who is a powerful ascended master. Trump himself is probably an ascended master. He is a master of the art of war.