The problem of overuse of fields

Is Overuse of Fields Linked to Aneurysm Problems?
I’ve been listening to energy field footage all night
And now I have a brain aneurysm problem
How can I solve this?

I used Google Translate, so the grammar may not be correct.

Is not linked to overuse, but the word overuse says better rest


It’s been several months since I took a break.

I only had a headache when I used too many fields.

…and you have to drink plenty of water.

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I drank enough water

Take a break. :+1:

… or you can try DM: Revision - Full Restart, please read the description and topic carefully.

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Is this safe?

Do you have a discord?

It is safe, but you first will feel worse, than you feel like a new person. That field will clear everything.


How long should I use it?

Maybe a few days. You will feel when it is enough for you.

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Do you have a discord?

I would use blood brain barrier from sapien for the aneusysm and the stroke audio.