The other side

I find myself experiencing what i did 6 years ago with the fake layer of reality being peeled back. Back then i didnt know what was happening and i unfortunately found myself in a hospital. Since then ive been learning more about energy and trying to understand what happened.

I can say that after i was in the hospital i was put back into the illusion. I was fine with this because at the time i was 16 and it was too overwhelming for me. Now i find myself experiencing this paradigm perception change again but with more understanding and fields to help (Ascension symptoms relief).

I do find myself resisting fully allowing the illusion to be peeled back due to the trauma I experienced 6 years ago. It truly is something that cannot be described due to the filtration of information in the box (illusion). The connection of everything is revealed and the dream is realized.

I am grateful that these energy tools exist and hope they can reach out to more people as our planet ascends.