What the hell is going on in 2021?

I don’t understand what the hell is going on in 2021 anymore, fuck, it’s all so bizarre that I don’t even know where to start, since the beginning of this year I have been feeling extremely dense energy in the world, during a time I had strange nightmares related to something that was coming, and I don’t think it was cleaning dreams because of audios, after some time it stopped anyway, I’ve been plagued by all kinds of negative emotions, fear, worry, paranoia, an anger I never felt in life, and it only gets worse, I am sick of the same problems as always, so sick that bullshit comes to my mind to solve this, in a bad or good way, I have been with all kinds of meaningless paranoia and strange fears, no I have more unstable energy, I can be fine one day or another, but soon after I run out of energy as if I were an old battery, I no longer have the willpower to do anything practically, not even things I like I can do for a long time I’m too lazy to do anything, all my plans have no conclusion because I don’t want to do anything, I go to sleep to rest thinking that when I wake up I’ll be able to solve it, but when I wake up I’m not well either, and I know I’m not the one the only one that i feel like this, my energy sensitive friend is also having similar problems this year, another friend of his too, and several people i know shared the same things, what the hell is going on? And I’ve tried audios, I’ve tried all kinds of protection and nothing helps, I have the divine protection gumroad version and it doesn’t help, I also tried several shields from various types of channels, I just hope it doesn’t last forever, I just want to let it end.


My heart on your post does not mean that I want you to let it end.

These times are strange. Things that once worked no longer do. Old paths are blocked, the easy paths of least resistance. Old wishes we forgot about are suddenly available.

I wish I knew exactly what is going on. It’s like two lights are turning on in the world at the same time. One trying to blind us to the other. And one revealing everything for what it is.


A long time without seeing you here.

My heart goes out to you. I know exactly what you feel. I felt it too, for weeks. I felt like I just wanted to end it all and I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. I spoke to Shiva (from Spirituality Zone) and he assured me that I wasn’t losing my mind and was just tapping into the collective feelings around the world.
Unfortunately because of these dark times people are living in fear and misery and constantly suffering and energy sensitive people/empaths can pick up on it, and you feel drained and miserable all the time. It’s horrible.
I know you said that you are already using lots of audios to try and help the situation and nothing’s really helping, but regardless, I’d like to share these audios with you because it’s helped me immensely:

I’ve been looping these two consistently for about 2 weeks and it’s made an absolutely HUGE difference in my daily mental health. I feel completely unfazed by negativity and can respond to it with grace, instead of reacting, and things just seem to flow. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not be bombarded by negative thoughts 24/7, and you never really realize how many you’re having until it stops.
I downloaded those two in high quality mp3 (but I don’t think it really matters in what format or quality you download it it). Here’s the website that I use to download (and it works great!) Youtube To Mp3 100% Free Online Converter
I hope that you can find some peace. We can weather this storm! You’re stronger than you think :purple_heart:


thanks for the tips.

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u have chameleon mandala right?

No, and I don’t think it will change anything, it is about diverting people’s hostility, nothing to do with this situation.

chameleon manda will protect u from any kind of negative energy.U will untouchable…
but probably u have internal conflict in your self,so i think you should get empath mandala first to protect any negative energy from influencing you and dream catcher mandala to catch any bad dreams before you work on yourself.

Since i own empath and chameleon mandala,my life has been easier and no negative energy can influence me easily.

@Nexus @Atreides


I know something very effective and fast.

I just doubt you gonna do it.

I already have an empathic sapiens mandala with me.

Say it

2x, morning and evening or later 5-10min, no excuse

(use a shot of life force from SZ, u need prana in the environment)

after that chant 30-60min (more means faster results) the light mantra arut perut jyoti

Before someone freaks out and comes with slave deity…

It’s not, it just means highest light merge with me, it’s not a “personal” deity, it’s directed to the highest source and it will infuse you with that light.

Remember, doing things on your physical is always stronger and will always beat every field. The fastest way would be to combine physical practices with energetic fields.


Explain why you doubt it.

It’s just a random opinion from a stranger in internet.

Why it matters so much what i think? Do it or not but you gonna have very fast results if keep doing such things consistently, especially together with fields.

I’ve chanted it for a while 6-8hrs daily and it can become seriously powerful. (running unstoppable willpower from dreamseeds helps)

Also, it needs to be chanted with the heart and be aware of the words, if it becomes mechanical it will nearly not work.

80%-90% of manifesting things here has something with action to do.

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I agree with @Lady_Nikki, you’re tapped into the collective consciousness and are feeling the weight of it. More and more humanity is working towards unity consciousness, and for those further ahead on the path to get there, it’s tough. There’s a lot of pain in humanity still.

As much as you’re able, I’d encourage you to shift your efforts from trying to shield yourself, deny, block out, avoid, etc. the discomfort of it all and do whatever you can to work within the collective space to heal & release the hurt you find. You could see it as a labor of love that needs doing because it definitely does need doing and you’re definitely hearing the call.


Don’t talk about love now man, please, this is definitely the last thing I would like to hear now, there is nothing to solve when you live with a crazy person inside the house with you 24 hours a day while you have to put up with it this crazy energy on top of that, I’ve always helped people, as much as I can, so no, there’s nothing else to do and accepting this energy will only make things worse, I know this is the collective unconscious, and love and blah blah blah will not change anything because I am only one, no matter how much I try to help it doesn’t change anything in the collective, I didn’t ask for this damn mission, it’s not like I could do something when I can’t even solve the situation in which I am, but I already knew that this post would be of no use. I’m getting sick because of this shit, my physical body can no longer be bombarded by so much energy, my heart doesn’t work anymore.

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You gotta have a mindset for those “higher spectrum” and also willing to act according to that. Everyone has the ability to do it. If you just keep repeat those kind of vibrational pattern…then you gonna land of course there. So, perform high vibrational actions and you will land there.

Randomness just means i have no clue how natural law affects my life.

(it’s okay not everyone has to aim for 1000 you can chill and just increase slowly)

If you don’t want to let go and dissolve all this unnecessary things…

You just have to ask yourself what the obstacles is and you better be honest with yourself if you really wanna grow and get out of this situation.

Of course, it will hurt but because you suffer anyways why u just don’t jump there and practice A LOT instead spending time with useless things? The job of your shadow is actually to challenge you and he will do always his best. Learn self-defense mechanism and study c.g. jung shadow, learn how it speaks and act.

You can start here.


Change town, take the road or step back to find yourself alone. it will allow you to purge your mind, your body :pray:.

Take a tent and set up somewhere in nature far from any environmental stress.

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Frankly, that’s exactly what I wanted to be doing right now and I’m not kidding.

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