WTF DID JUST HAPPEN? cosmic healing?

Ok. I’m not exaggerating .

Yesterday i was heaving a meditation and i asked if i could get healed of all my mental health issues or blockages, baggage.

Suddenly a thunder of energy went through my body. It began with top of my head, it felt like it was scanning my brain until it hit a resistance. It briefly struggled (i could feel EVERYTHING) and when it could break it suddenly a supernova of little energy molecules shoot down to my body to feet until it was “puffed” away.

What is that? It is still scanning and releasing energies…

Its like the “ill” dense capsules around my neurons are getting dissolved…

well it is a very mad expierence, i googled it but so far nothing found!


You got what you asked for!


What a beautiful experience! You certainly have a wonderful friend who’s helping you. I’ve had similar experiences in the past. One that really stands out until this day: I remember a few years ago I had a huge fight with my mom (I can’t even remember what it was about. Strange how that works) and I remember jumping in my car and speeding away, all the while crying and being super upset. I probably drove for about 40 minutes, all the while saying over and over in my head that I can’t take this pain anymore, I don’t want to feel this way, please help me out of this turmoil (to no one in particular) and all of a sudden it’s as if a veil lifted and I could see the world as it really is. I could sense clearly that the empty space between atoms were filled with an intense unconditional love keeping the structure of reality together and it was as if this force was saying “Do you feel that? It’s all for you”. I’ve never felt so loved and cherished like in that moment. It was a very sacred beautiful experience. It made me realize that our minds have an immense power to cover up the true beauty of the world.
We definitely have someone or something looking out for us, whether that’s our higher self, benevolent entities, friends and family from other dimensions, or Source itself.


FAITH ! you dont need to understand just have it. Now i understand.

our source was definitely the same.

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Yes, exactly! Proud of you!



No need to google it! You asked for something and you got it. It is as easy as that.

Now… Do it again and ask for something else and see what happens.

for OP not Nikki

Wow! Ha ha ha! Good for you.


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srry i was talking to lucifer i didnt put it up there

wait a minute is this who I think it is