I cannot evade this question

I’ve been using subs and reality distortion products of all kind ( magick and all) for years. And I cannot evade the question if all this meddling and maybe my guilt has brought me to the COVID timeline.
Am I the only one thinking it? Does someone have a thought about it?
Also with the use of this. Apprentice magician mindset, I seem to be always patching up things.

One more thing, am I the only one noticing kids reacting strangely, and sometimes scared at me, and I cannot not think it is connected to the use of those things, in my mind little kids are not yet brainwashed to ignore their extra sensory. Perception. Are they seeing something bad?

I know some of you will tell me to ask my higher self… I do have a connection with him/her but it’s a lot of hit and miss by me.

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Some people believe that the Earth’s timeline split in two after 2019, an ascension line and a more negative one, but honestly, I don’t know if I believe that.

This is the better timeline. This is the course we must take. Trust that the other timeline is way worse and we don’t win in that one lol


For all we know, this may well be the ascension one. You don’t make an omelet without cracking some eggs.
I also wonder if someone succesfully evaded the covid timeline, could a text message or a yt movie about it exist on this timeline.

There’s also the whole Philip K. Dick Metz conference that kind of neat.

This is definitely the attitude you want to have, even if you don’t believe in timeline splits lol.

Yeah I just allow things to be as they are without all the attachments. One thing I do know from what I can gather is we are here and that’s what we should focus on. All we have is each moment and instantly each moment is gone. As if that’s not enough to ponder lol.