The Culinary Wizard

Ability to infuse food with specific energy and slightly alter the taste/after effects through intention. Similar to Tailor Made with Love. (Ie. sexual vitality and spiciness, forgiveness and soothing throat effect) Option to just use the energy intention without altering flavor such as for confidence, charisma, magnetism, soothing sleep, preparation for fast (intention to feel really satiated after a certain meal).

Subconscious/ Intuitive guidance to cook the most delicious meals and utilize ingredients to the fullest potential. download all possible recipes and the necessary skill required to cook them by the best.

Digital Mandala: DM: The Culinary Wizard - MaitreyaFields


I would like to ask a question to Maitreya and those who are already using the field ,
Sometimes I have a problem with my digestion , I can not eat some food because of pain it causes to me. May be because of its components, mey be because of my ulcers.
May I use this DM to make the taste milder so that the food would not irritate my digestive tract?

Try these:

  • DM:water blessing
  • Food charged
  • Stomach regeneration
  • Advanced healing at all levels
  • Detox from heavy metals from the file of free DM for autistics

Use The Culinary wizard (audio or DM, but remember that DM is stronger) to charge with intent your food with healing for ulcers.

Play the audio or take the DM, see your water or food and put your hands against them and think looking at them “Water or food is charged to heal my ulcers” many times on loop.

I tried to charge (for example) the water to increase the height. It works!


Thank you very much!