DM: Nutritional Support

⁃ all food placed within 5-meter radius of the mandala is cleared of negative energy

⁃ all food within 5-meter radius is charged with healing, beneficial frequencies

⁃ the field works on your body to optimize nutrition, you absorb all beneficial nutrients of food

⁃ eliminates all toxins and non-beneficial ingredients from the food

⁃ you absorb the perfect amount of calories/protein/fat/carbs/vitamins etc from the food

⁃ optimizes your cell hydration and absorption of water

⁃ for best results, keep a copy with you or store in the Mandala Manager

⁃ you can also keep a copy inside or near your fridge/pantry


Wow great, need to wait some time for full effects in the food?


This is great for optimizing nutritional intake from food. But if the food does not contain all the nutrients that the body needs, you’re still lack of enough nutrients.

How about adding the producing of all necessary nutrients in the food? That would be a game changer.


was about to request field for the fridge :laughing:. is it possible to add also programming to slow down the “aging” a.k.a. oxidation of the fresh produces in the fridge so we can keep them fresh longer?


Between removing destructive energies from the food as well as purging junk & toxins, I bet you’ll find that your food stays fresh longer.


I like this and it got a special place on my fridge and i will keep one with me. :smiley:


Direct to the restaurant kitchen :grinning:


I wonder what might happen if all food and drink were also seasoned with a love bomb as a result of the mandala. Maybe it’d taste even better. :'D


will we be able to get these benefits as long as we are within 5-meter radius??

It seems you can eat Junk food without much worry with this mandala right?

No, not even close. It’s not magically changing junk food into vegetables. It’s helping you get the best out of what you have…so the best version of garbage is still going to be garbage.



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Not sure, I have it printed and framed in my kitchen. Have not noticed anything different

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Anyone have any update/testimonials on this? :pray:

does this slow down weight gain fields?


An update recommendation for this great field, could you add a property of cleansing the food from dextrose and maltodextrin? These are synthetic sugars that contain n2n¨0 b 0 't s.

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