Food Clearing + Recharger

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This audio is designed to purify the food we eat. All toxins, food memory, heavy metals, toxins, gmo, pesticides, bad chemicals, etc. It will annul these man-made substances so that you can eat wholesome food. Increases in minerals and amino acids are also included. For final, the food is filled with unconditional love from the Creator. It needs to be played only the time around the food.


Can I play this while I am eating? Or is it necessary to wait till the audio is finished and then eat?

While you are eating should be okay but it would be wise to wait just a few minutes for the energy to start working on the food before you consume it. Relax… Take a a moment to appreciate the food you about to consume while the file is playing, then consume your food with gratitude. Patience…

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People will look at me strangely if I sit before the food and do nothing for 5 minutes :laughing: Anyway its worth the wait. :+1:

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