DM: Water Blessings :)

Water Blessings :slight_smile:

Governments have been adding fluoride, calcium and many harmful elements in our water for more than a century to keep us away from our spiritual development. The main purpose is to make sure that we are never able to use the power of our third eye properly which will allow them to fool people on a daily basis. Third eye is our true inner sight which allows us to see through delusion. And water plays a vital role in spiritual development. It can even affect the state of our vibration. And most part of our body is made of water. You are what you eat…so weather has a massive effect in our consciousness. This field is made to remove all toxic energy from water. Fluoride, calcium, florin and all types of heavy metal which are used to sabotage us mentally and physically. In fact these chemicals are causing serious problems such as cancer, lungs problems, insomnia and many more problems than we can imagine. 100-200 years ago people lived longer and had a healthier life due to their food and drinking habits as foods were much more pure at that time. But currently it’s almost impossible to reach that state. However, taking an attempt for that doesn’t definitely hurt. It will charge your drinking water with psychic energy and unconditional love to develop your physical health and spirituality and will nullify all negative effects from any harmful chemicals from any liquid(even blood since it’s also liquid). It’s like a full liquid detoxification.

Range: 10 meters, so you can put it in your kitchen and don’t think about that anymore.

Additional program with it: “Add lemon frequency to my water.” With this need 20-30 minutes to have the effect.


Oh wow. It’s free.
Thank you Very Much, Master Maitreya. :milky_way:


Thanks mai :heart::heart::heart:


thank you!


Thank you Mai :ocean::ocean::ocean:

Bruce Lee’s , “be like water , my friend ” simply means to be flexible in both mind and body. It’s about not being rigid and stubborn about your beliefs, practices, understanding, and instead, about being open-minded and able to change and adapt to the circumstances we are put into.


you finally made it
Wasn’t expecting anytime soon

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Btw it will purify any water I have around the mandala isn’t it? So technically its fine even if I use it as phone wallpaper right? I combined it with plasma drink charger from sapien and feels like it’s water at purest forum
Haven’t tasted any water like that for many years lol


Would this also work on us in any way since we are 70% water?


Yes. Read description
It can help to heal many illness as it purifies blood


Thank you very much Maitreya for this precious mandala :star_struck: !!!

It is a very beautiful gift that you give us :slightly_smiling_face::pray::heart::sunny:


Thank you for this gift Mai. I always love fields for foods and drinks :grin:


does the effect pass through walls ?

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it will change the water taste?just look at the mandala( if the mandala is in our smartphone) and drink the water right?

p/s: has anyone try adding the lemon frequency in their water yet?please let me know your result hehe

I printed two, one for kitchen and one for the bathroom. May be it will help showers too?

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I have printed one for the beach


You don’t have to look at it

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oh ok thx :grinning::grinning:

have you try the lemon frequency?after saying those command,do we need to have the mandala around the water for 20-30 minutes for it to take effect ?


This is in the public interest, I will be printing it tomorrow.


Thanks Maitreya!!:heart:


Thanks Maitreya.
Since last year my governemnt has even been more chemicals on the water.
They had to admit it after a lot people complained of a strange taste/odor.
They said it was extra chlorine to provide extra protection for Covid, lol.