The Art of Letting Go - Detachment Field

The ideas for this field come to boost manifestation by letting things go aka detachment from your desire. Anyway you can use it for all sorts of attachments you have nd it will wipe them out from your energy system.

The reason why many people fail to manifest their desires it’s because of their unhealthy attachment to the desire. What we desire already exists now so there’s no need to rush for it. Instead you need to feel like you already have it by tuning into the frequency of your desire. Feel like as if it’s already achieved. Many times you focus on something so forcefully that you can’t get it no matter what you do. But then suddenly you get it somehow after you’ve forgotten about it even though you have the thing in your mind. This field allows you to tune in into the same vibration of your desired manifestation as if you’ve already obtained it.

Many people complain that "how it’s possible to act like I already have it even though I don’t? " However, this field will allow you to do just that and will allow you to let go of your desire because you’ve already obtained it. (In your mind)…It allows you to detach from your desires and boosts any manifestation file that you are using. Simply hold the thought of the thing that you wanna let go of while manifesting. It could be anything. Or just use it normally to let go of those unhealthy desires and obsessions. Could be helpful for forgetting people or other stuff you are holding on.

Just set the intention in your mind. Use as you see fit as it works both ways. Keep in mind that you don’t give up your desire but you’ll lose the obsession over it which blocks your manifestation and you’ll feel as if you’ve already obtained it. In reality you actually do. Cuz what crosses your mind already exists otherwise it would never come to. Just tune into that frequency to obtain it.




Great Maitreya , thanks :slightly_smiling_face::pray::heart::sunny:!!!

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I feel like this was the last field I was missing out on in my quest to achieve my goals.

Thanks a lot, Maitreya. :love_you_gesture:t3:


Well this is a field that will make a lot of things easier and especially for people who work with Neville Goddard’s method. Because many find it difficult to be firm in the belief that something is what they want it to be when reality also reflects something else. This should support the manifestation enormously, since one does not constantly look for evidence that it is already the way it will be. Which has always led to doubts and thus made the whole manifestation work to nothing.
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I practice Neville’s teachings n this field is a blessing in disguise really.


Could someone explain to me in a very simple way how to use this field? For example, if I want to manifest a motorcycle, how should I use the field of letting go to empower the manifestation? Thank you!! :innocent:


This concept(although proven true innumerable times by many)always irks me. How can you enjoy getting something you no longer want? Like REALLY want bad? Did you really want it? If you can drop lust for result…


We are two, it’s completely meaningless, don’t want to, don’t think about it anymore, the secret is not wanting anything, when you are in true and quilibrio you don’t miss anything, but you can still have everything, but if it doesn’t matter anymore then where is this the sense of achieving this?


Years ago I found it fascinating that maybe we can move to reality which has different laws :).

“We are in the process by virtue of our experiences with the law of attraction, of creating a brand-new time-space reality within the universe where it is not governed by the law of attraction”

“Those of us who experience the contrast of law of attraction have one sentiment: fuck the law of attraction”

“I have never in my lifes seen a universal law create more of a downward spiral than the law of attraction”

Video is about different thing but there were sentences like that at the beginning and I liked them :).


This would make a great DM. The hardest part everyone deals with, letting go.


Abrakadabra DM has letting go included


Yeah I noticed that, I’d still prefer this just standalone.


Other options if is not made is add it in the manager or storage item or magical object…maybe have more options… idk how long is the chakras thing…

Even also can use sub connector in ways to add the audio permanently…

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This music is beautiful. I really like it in terms of hearing enjoyment.


Hii, it’s a wonderful field, i can let go of my attachments on my needs. But a question, can i use it to detach of negative, unwanted thoughts for a specific situation? Or will this higher the chance, that these negative thoughts become real?

Thanks for all that you do❤️

You can use it like that, but if there are deeper reasons for those negative thoughts you will have to work with different fields. Most of the unwanted thoughts in people come from entities and astral parasites… They are stimulating fearful thoughts in people so they can get their energy…


Is here any similar field to let go? I need to let go of my soulmate. I’ve tried to use intentions, I’ve done cords cutting, sexual energy clearing, ego dissolution, meditations, forgiveness, and acceptance. Nothing works. I’m still too attached. I wish to move on with my life. Any suggestions? :pray:t3:

What is holding you there still? I can give better suggestions if I know more.

That’s the thing. I don’t know. I’ve accepted this as a lesson. I’ve forgiven. I have no idea how to move on.
I bought Universal Clearing and I’m working intensely with intention but I noticed I’m attracted to him in most parallel Universes I visited :disappointed: