DM: Abrakadabra

  • Intuitive knowledge of the laws of the universe

-Law of Attraction knowledge from Abraham Hicks

-Gratitude Mindset

-Radiate peace, love, and Joy

-Art of letting go

-Heart dearmoring

-be in the Receiving Mode

-Feel satisfaction

-Release Doubt/ Be confident

-Always Optimistic

-Adventurous Child

-Let go of struggle/ Justifying

-Release Negative energy/ Stay in your own energy/ Release Resistance

-Fifth Dimension connection

-Self love and acceptance

-Removing beliefs on sacrificing or having to pay a price for your desires

  • Trust the Universe and go with the flow

The description of it makes me think of my personality proposal for a manga character in Mandala (a little more in depth) :grin::wink::pray::sunny:

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This sounds good, but my intuition is already activated. Knowledge from our Hearts will get you everywhere.


Bruh I’d get it for the fifth dimension connection field ALONE, let alone everything else.

Okay so am I misunderstanding or is this basically a mandala with fields all working together for whatever youd call a phase youd enter after doing the subconscious and otherwise clearings phase and have sufficiently uninstalled an adequate amount already?

A sort of “reconfiguration and fortification for things like your subconscious” phase that fills you up with positive and useful programming now?

(Take this as a suggestion for something cool like that you could work on, either way.)


I just got the Art of letting go audio. Are the sub fields in this and other Mandala’s with a lot of sub fields as strong as the standalone audios (ie Art of letting go, Heart dearmoring, etc.)? I prefer the Mandala’s to save time, but don’t want less strength if they are less than in a standalone.

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You forget this crucial thing that makes the mandala preferable

Let’s say you keep it on you 24/7

Those fields all simultaneously active and in your energy systems the entire time will work together and probably be far more effective as a result.



Would you be open to adding Neville Goddard knowledge and the Law of Assumption to this?


Is this supposed to remove all barriers to manifestation?


I’m glad you’re in such state :). Something tells me this is the best mandala for me. When I buy new mandala, I add it to my stack, but for this one I feel I’d like to give it alone time also.

The fifth dimension connection audio is one of my favorites.


Are things 5D now for you? How is it like?

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I’m not 5D, I thought that maybe you are :). I think you’re in higher state than me if you have good connection to intuition and heart. I’m working on getting there, or getting back there, because I had some peeks.

But it’s very good question, maybe someone else could share experience :).


Okay its settled this is my next mandala to try out, intend to update when I do and have updates, lol


This plus Guilt plus Mind Control is a great combo. I only think of the success of my current projects.

Highly recommend.


@anon76712240, any reviews for this mandala? :pray:

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Haven’t tried it. Still waiting for my braces removal so i can continue with work

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Yes, seems a manifestation package, maybe could been added visualization super detailed skills feeling it as real or better yet feeling mastery as it is done…altho seems promising


Anyone any updates on their manifestation successes with this?

I think is really powerful mandala, i cannot say about it working alone because i use other things at same time, but in long term use boosts little by little more and more the manifestation process for sure with all the stuff it has like gratitude, letting go, receiving mode… is like feeling better everyday, i guess due also to the 5th dimension, don’t expect fast results but more going in the flow of manifestation mastery


Did you end up getting this and trying it? @Infinite369

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No :frowning: Financial issues, which I’m hoping will be resolved soon