About field efficiency!

Hello everyone,

I have a new mindset that has appeared recently (perhaps from some divine being). That the effectiveness of the field or any form of energy from God is based on the level of unconditional love the practitioner has. I mean, the more I let go of the ambition and the desire, the faster the result will come. Like when meditating, the more you wish for a certain result, it will not come, but only when your mind is completely quiet, not expecting, is the time when you meditate with the most results.

This is like the journey of enlightenment, at first you are greedy, you want to experience perfect feelings of happiness … But in this journey, the deeper you go, the more you understand that you have to let go of all desires. this is to go far. And when you love the universe, look at everything from the same perspective, with no right or wrong, good or bad, it’s time to get closer to God.

And since God loves you unconditionally, and you are also part of him, changes in life are quite possible. For example, if you want to be more beautiful, or get richer, the energy from him will be completely solved, but you have to learn to let go of greed, hatred, delusion, doubt. Then the results from the fields will come very quickly.

So, what do you think of these thoughts of me. Let me know, thank you very much and have a good day!

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from what is written, I understand that it is the reduction of the ego that brings more good results.the more you are able to love unconditionally on your own without outside influence, the more your ego will be diminished.and the suppression of the ego allows to obtain good results of the fields, especially with fields of personal / spiritual development, because it is the ego which fights the rise of your vibrations and it is the ego that is most attached to the desire for results.
It might be time to ask @maitreya for a powerful field of ego control or ego mastery.


I have read in a lot of books that the more you wish something the more diffcult is to achieve it.
The ego and the state of flow (Both related, if you remove your ego, you will be in a state of flow) will let you get the results faster and easier.

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