DM: Ego Detachment

This mandala will work to detach you from the ego so you can get in full state of awareness and “The Watcher”. Will create a field around you with neutrality energy which will help you to be in your own true center and to watch detached your thoughts, emotions and also the outside world. Mandala is perfect for people who are working with themselves and can help drastically in their meditations and daily life to reach pure consciousness.

Range: 5cm

Inludes protection from black market.


i think 1ft like 30-50cm will be better. 5cm make me have to wear it on my neck. I can’t leave it under my bed or in my wall or something else.


Thank you for listening to my request! Does anyone know a good collage maker to get multiple mandalas in a smaller image size?

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Can you explain the black market protection a little more please


At this point I thought everybody know to ask Google first

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@Nexus can i just let my different mandala lying on top of each other like this

still work right ?

No question

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That means yes by the way good job


Wow, how cool, I never thought of doing that, all mine are black and white and nailed to the wall with electrical tape :joy: :joy: :joy: I think in the future I will do some like that.


I think it means if you give it away to strangers or have gotten it from a stranger, it won’t work. But I don’t know what the criteria is for an exchange to be considered “black market”

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I mean, do people really sell audios on the black market? Man, it looks so bizzaro, I mean, I know it happens, but still.

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The black market is like when people DM you and offer a paid audio, typically rare/expensive ones

ah, now I understand lol, I thought it was that black market that smuggled, sold illegal stuff and so on.

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So it has nothing to do with me having black skin LOL JK


Yes even you can fold mandalas.


black market = reselling our work
you can give them to your family/friends


thank you very much :pray::pray:


Of course I Googled it first and what is the reason for the hostility?


This is like ego dissolution from sapien?